Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aims to Educate the Public with His Profound Dental Sleep Masters Program:

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There are very few individuals like Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Why? He is an entrepreneur with a very good cause who aims to educate the public. Further, he wishes to do so through physicians and the Dental practitioner community. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a thoughtful individual, and businessman.

He provides, a new model, in way of his highly innovate Dental Sleep Masters’ program. The program’s objective is to educate the general public about the serious sleep condition of Sleep Apnea. The program, too, provides a nice extra-revenue stream for medical institution professionals.

Once the Dental professional or Physician learns how to incorporate the unique program into his practice, and properly identifies Sleep Apnea patients: he is all set to enjoy a second stream of income. Additionally, the program provides the materials and resources, in order that the Dental practitioner is put in the position of making the general community, which he so dedicatedly serves, aware of the sleep disorder. In the end, everybody benefits.

The person experiencing Sleep Apnea nearly always is not the least bit aware that he possesses it. The sleep disorder is tied to more serious health conditions, generally, such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and even Heart Failure. What is more, the sleep disorder patient may become accident prone. Since he is not truly receiving a proper night’s sleep, the irregularity shows up in other areas.

The Dental Professional and Physician, alike, is making a true contribution by properly identifying persons that possess Sleep Apnea–according to Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

Prior to Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s involvement with the program, he, too, practiced Dentistry. He held the post of Dentist at his Dental Practice referred to as ‘Old Bridge Dental Care’. It is within his practice he made his focus relative to patient needs.

During the years, from 2007 to 2013, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, earned distinction, from the Consumer Research Council as a superior implant, sedation and implant specialist. He became interested in the realm of sleep and established several companies assisting Physicians and Dental practitioners to learn, further, how to incorporate the area of sleep difficulty into their respective practices. He eventually evolved to the point where he is today: marketing the unique and highly useful Dental Sleep Masters’ program.

Watch his Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPA2WoxJ-Ao

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Providing Solutions For The Healthcare Sector

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You cannot have a discussion on staffing solutions without discussing Brian Torchin or his organization, the HCRC staffing. He has managed to revolutionize the healthcare employment sector by offering the job solutions to the different candidates interested in joining the healthcare system.

He is the managing partner of the company. For the last ten years that he has been the CEO of the company, he has managed to propel the company to great success. They cater to both the candidates and also the employers. If you are an employer, the company will be in a position to find you the right staff with 72 hours.

Based in Philadelphia, the company caters to all the 50 States and also other continents including Europe, Asia, and Australia. They have also established their presence in Australia.

The interesting part is that they cater to all different people including; Physician Assistant, dentists, medical doctors of all specialists just to mention a few.

Colleagues and also clients have described the Brian Torchin as a man who gives comprehensive solutions. Being a detail-oriented person, Brian has managed to provide solutions to their different clients even in the toughest of the economy. Learn more about more Brian Torchin: https://vimeo.com/briantorchin

It is his ability to create long-term relationship with his clients that has enabled him to stay relevant in his line of business for all these years. What has enabled him to achieve success is his respect for his clients. Yes, he tries to advise them on the way to go, but he does that while upholding their personal beliefs.

What you will admire about him is his team spirit. He has managed to stay a team player and be engaged with the day to day activities of the company for all those years.

According to Glassdoor, Before Brian Torchin co-founded the firm, he was working for the Practice management as the director of medical marketing.

He received his Bachelor degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. He also attended the New York Chiropractic College. In addition to being a successful CEO, he has also published different journals.

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How To Properly Use Hair Conditioners For Better Haircare

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The Haircare Industry is one of the most popular and profitable industries of today. This industry is huge as it offers literally thousands of products and services from hundreds of brands. Some of the most popular products are known as conditioners. Conditioners are generally used after a person shampoos and it can alter the texture and appearance of hair. Some of the more high profile brands such as Pantene, Aveda, L’Oréal, etc. have dominated the market for many years but there is a new king of the field known as WEN by Chaz.

WEN by Chaz is the ultimate when it comes to total haircare health. It’s cleansing conditioners are powerful, yet gentle on the hair and scalp. Unlike many of the competitors conditioners, WEN doesn’t posses the harsh chemicals that can result into dry scalp, itchy scalp, flakes, and breakage. WEN is chemical-free, which give users the very best hair treatments. Even the ingredients come from a natural source such as chamomile extract, pomegranate extract, fig, cucumber, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, sweet almond mint, and many more. One of the biggest differences with these advanced haircare products is that they work better as leave-in treatments. Studies have shown that WEN Cleansing Conditioners gave it’s users up to 97% more shine and made the hair 95% more manageable after a few treatments. This stuff is the real deal by far as WEN by Chaz is setting new trends and breaking down old barriers.

WEN by Chaz was founded by celebrity haircare stylist Chaz Dean. Dean has been in the business for decades and is one of the leading hairstylists in the world. Dean designed and built this eclectic brand as a reflection of self as he truly believes in living a healthy lifestyle. These products stand out on another level because they don’t create that rich white lather, which is basically a chemical reaction. Since most modern day conditioners are full of sulfates and parabens, which are chemical additives, WEN takes the alternate route for more healthier hair. Here are some of WEN’s best cleansing conditioners below:

5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner
Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner
Bamboo Green Tea Restorative Cleansing Conditioner
Lavender Cleansing Conditioner
And many more

The verdict is in and WEN by Chaz is clearly the winner. It’s time to throw away those chemically loaded products and join the WEN by Chaz Revolution.

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Hair Salon Cutting Products by Donald Scott

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Many seem to feel that scissors are the only tool used for cutting hair but hair stylist also use straight razors to accomplish certain looks. Traditionally razors are also known as shaving tools. There are a few great benefits from using a straight razor. They can be used by barbers to get a close shave and to provide the maximum amount of hair volume when cutting hair. Straight razors often give a more satisfying result than other salon cutting tools like cutting shears and electric clippers. The look is more natural because hair is cut to the shape of a person’s facial structure.


Donald Scott offers hair cutting tools that help stylist with creating a hassle-free clean cut. The carving comb helps stylist by allowing them to be able to section the hair as a guide. Donald Scott created the chopstick Pro Liquid Tool Glide spray to help prepare the hair by allowing the straight razor (http://donaldscottnyc.com/) to glide through the hair. The different carving combs created help shape hair into different styles. Regardless of the look the combs help achieve desired styles. Donald Scott has helped revolutionize how stylist cut hair by making their hair cutting experience easier and more cleaner.

Instagram: @donaldscottnyc





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Help, I am Underwater

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There are consumer protection that protects consumers for virtually every product sold in our economy. However, this is not the case in many cities and municipalities for the automobile business on any level. this lack of protection holds true for lemon law protections against purchasing a defective product or even in the financing of new and used vehicles. Because of this lack of protection, the industry is rife with deceptive trade practices. Even when these practices do not rise to the level of litigation, they can produce definite hardships for those that encounter these types of situations without much recourse available. In financing, this means that deals that may seem beneficial in financing the vehicle and have a burdensome outcome on those that purchase these vehicles. This happens to be case with me. I purchased the car that was seemingly a good deal turned out to produce a very high monthly note.


Additionally, the research I performed revealed that the car was also overpriced greatly. But because the pressure of the pushy salesman and my need for a vehicle, I accepted a deal that has become detrimental to the financial stability of my family. Sometimes these financial issues have caused me to have to drive without insurance because not getting to work is not an option. It also causes me to go without necessary repairs further devaluing the already overpriced car. Before there were viable Internet options, there was no way to get from under these repressive financing schemes. Banks and credit unions almost never offered an option to refinance the vehicle on better terms. Additionally, the financing arm of many companies and standalone financing companies have never offered a solution to cash strapped customers under repressive financing schemes or afforded them the ability to refinance their loans in any way that would benefit the customer after the initial financing of the vehicle.


This is where I stood until I started to research ways online to reduce my payments. Many of the companies in which I researched had nefarious reviews and unverifiable references, and I was wary not to be had again by any finance company in an effort to slash my payments. However in this research, I did find an online company with great reviews and a verifiable history of customer satisfaction. The people at

http://www.ignitionfinancial.org/auto-loans were very eager to help. Additionally, ignition financial has customer service that is second to none. Their customer service agents and loan representatives first put my mind at ease and then gave me confidence in their ability to refinance my loan quickly.




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Nathaniel Ru And His Success With Sweetgreen

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Nathaniel Ru attended Georgetown University where he graduated in 2007 with a degree in finance. In the same year he struck a partnership with two other graduates and founded sweetgreen. This was a mostly seasonal kitchen who specialized in sustainability. The very first location opened in Georgetown. Sweetgreen now occupies six states and boasts 27 locations. Sweetgreen was born from the belief the community was missing a tasty, eco-friendly and healthy option for their dining needs. They wanted to meet the budget, taste and value needs of their community.


Nathaniel and his friends started sweetlife in 2010. This has since become the biggest festival for food and music in the region. Around 20,000 people usually attend this festival and it features high profile artists in music. It’s about good healthy living. Nathaniel calls it a party that has a purpose.


While the three friends completed their senior year they were also looking for a good location for Sweetgreen. Six years later they started in a downtown space of over 500 square feet. The landlord for the restaurant space was also the landlord for an apartment building close to where the three were living. She saw something in the group because she told them to get an architect, backers, a real plan and then to come back. That is exactly what they did.


Sweetgreen has continued to grow and still offers food that is healthy and fresh. Most of the ingredients are purchased from the local farmers. According to Nathaniel every store must live up to the companies core values and successfully serve the community. The five most important values have been posted in the kitchen of every sweetgreen restaurant. Sweetgreen has become so much more than just a company. They are now a well known brand. Everything is authentic. Their belief that if people are happy with sweetgreen they will tell their friends was right on target. They do a lot of business by referrals.


One of their best off the moment ideas was a speaker system playing right outside the store every weekend. This was the way they successfully connected food to music. They continued this theme at a farmers market they bought a lot of their food from. Eventually this idea turned into a popular festival called Sweetlife. All of their strategies connect them to the community and make people feel like they are a real part of sweetgreen.


Fabletics Goes against all the odds to Compete with Amazon

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It is never easy to get into any fashion brand when there are giants that control the markets. Take for instance the e-commerce fashion industry. Amazon is a giant online retailer that controls 20 percent of the online retail stores. Any company that wants to achieve online success should start by beating such giants. Kate Hudson has gone against the odds when her brand has competed with Amazon and achieved success. Kate Hudson is the founder and market leader of Fabletics. She has grown the company in three years and is currently worth $ 250 million. The company succeeded by focusing on its competitors and provided a better business strategy.

The current economy is changing fast. Companies have to reinvent their strategies to ensure that they are constantly up-to-date. Take for instance factors that influenced customer purchase. In the past, the main factors that led to the success of a company were factors like quality and affordability of a product. However, the changing markets have seen a shift in customer preferences. Customers today purchase from companies that promise a better experience and satisfaction. A brand should also have a proper brand recognition and creative product design. Many brands that succeed today have built their business strategy on these factors. Fabletics has succeeded by focusing on a better user experience. The membership experience offered by the company has made a better experience with shopping.

Another reason for Fabletics success is because the company has concentrated on reverse showrooming. Many companies have made huge losses from the showrooming business. It has impacted businesses negatively when they browse for products offline and move forth to purchase the items at discounted places in another company. Fabletics has reversed the business model to work in their favor. The brand has kept customers and ensured that they purchase through subscriptions. Fabletics has ensured that customers subscribe by providing discounts and offers to members. The result is that Fabletics has made shopping a lively experience. The company has portrayed a deep understanding of the markets, and they understand the strategies to success.

Sales increase through the reverse-showrooming. It ensures that customers from other companies can come and purchase from Fabletics. That is why Fabletics has managed to keep up with competitors and even beaten most of them. The brand has maintained a great deal of consistency with its service. Many consumers that have purchased from the firm have loved the entire shopping experience. They have indicated their pleasure several reviews available on the internet.

One cannot mention Fabletics success without referring to how it has taken on Amazon. Amazon currently controls a massive twenty percent of the entire online retail industry. The company has made it almost impossible for new companies to get in and achieve quick success. Fabletics got into the fashion industry by surprise and have since advanced their services. Fabletics is a leader in the activewear and sportswear industries. The company has expanded greatly by opening stores in the United Stores. The offline stores are meant to satisfy the needs of offline customers.


PodcastOne and Jericho Network Launch a Popular New Show

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Norman Pattiz, founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne, just recently announced that they will launch a paranormal show, “Beyond the Darkness”, in collaboration with Chris Jericho’s Jericho Network. This newest show will air on PodcastOne and will be a one-of-a-kind program that will introduce listeners to the world of paranormal activity.


The show hosts, Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, will have entertaining and enlightening conversations with the experts of the supernatural world. Schrader is a popular author and radio host who has several notable paranormal shows to his name. Tim Dennis is also a famous radio producer and a host with a loyal fan base of many listeners who believe in his work and his findings. Pattiz is confident that with this show, PodcastOne will be able to further expand their fan base while feeding listeners with different topics. The new show episodes will be available on PodcastOne app, iTunes, and PodcastOne.com.


According to Pattiz, The Jericho Network has been one of the most celebrated names of PodcastOne network. The entertainment media mogul says that he was not confident about Jericho Network Collection just revolving around wrestling alone. He has delivered comedians in the past and is now venturing into the mystery netherworld, “Beyond the Darkness.”


Chris Jericho is certain that the new show will help grow the network’s fan base to an all new level. He also believes that the two hosts, Dave and Tim, are a perfect choice for hosting the paranormal show because of their previous experience in the field and existent loyal fans who trust in their work and discoveries.


PodcastOne is the country’s renowned and number one advertiser-supported network of podcasts that was founded by Norman Pattiz. He also founded Westwood One, one of the largest network of radio programs. The network is currently responsible for hosting more than 200 popular podcasts that include famous names such as Shaquille O’Neal, Penn Jillette, Chris Jericho, Chris Webber, Laura Ingraham and lots more.


Norman Pattiz is not only the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne, but also the CEO of Courtside Entertainment Group. He also founded Westwood One which soon became America’s leading media company. Today, Westwood One is associated with some of the most famous entertainment programs including NFL, Olympic Games, CNN, NBC News, CBS News, Metro Traffic etc.


Pattiz was not just appointed by President Clinton in 2000 but also by President Bush in 2002 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The BBG supervises all non-military broadcasting in U.S. After establishing Courtside Entertainment in 2010, Pattiz launched PodcastOne and PodcastOne sales which went on to become the nation’s leading podcast sales and marketing corporations.

Learn more: http://www.laweekly.com/location/norman-pattiz-auditorium-hamilton-high-school-6170801


Why Refinancing Your Automobile is a Good Idea

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Purchasing an automobile is no piece of cake. More than a mere purchase, it is, in fact, an important investment that one makes, and one that should essentially make life easier for the person purchasing the vehicle. Having said that, it is a widely observed notion that customers who wish to invest a substantial portion of their savings into an automobile are more often than not prone to finding themselves wrapped up in the vicious cycle of taking up loans that are hard to pay back, especially with high-interest rates.



Due to having high-interest rates, customers often find themselves faced with a dilemma of whether or not refinancing their automobiles would be a risky business. However, to rid our customers of these apprehensions, we here at Ignition Financial ensure that interested buyers can go through a smooth and problem-free process of refinancing their automobiles. The following is a list of some of the services that Ignition Financial has to offer, which serve as credible reasons as to why refinancing your vehicle would be a smart decision:



1.Expert loan advisors



Our expert team will not only be there to provide their professional consultation, but will, in fact, guide you through every step of the way during the entire process of refinancing, and find you the best refinancing deal that is suitable for your particular requirements.



2.Loans based on credit history



Unlike most other financing companies that will promise you loans with low-interest rates, but end up providing the exact opposite, we understand that every client has his or her individual capacity of financing a vehicle.



With Slash My Payments, we ensure that we match borrowers with exactly the kind of loans and interest rates that they can afford to finance. The efficiency of this service of ours is guaranteed by the very fact that our system is based on your credit history, and thus you can rest assured that the payment that you will have to make will be within your reach, and not a dime more.



3.Refinancing savings add up



The sole purpose of our services is for you to be able to save money on the automobile loan that you take up, and hence, our professional loan advisors are constantly working to craft various ways and strategies via which you can not only lower the interest rate on your loans but can also shorten the term of the loan and lower monthly installments.



4.Damage and repair coverage



Another benefit of financing your automobile loan is that you often find coverage for damages caused by unforeseen circumstances, which can be a major source of relief for situations where your car has been damaged in an accident or needs repair work of any kind. Our services extend to the provision of affordable coverage in circumstances that would otherwise cost you an arm and a leg, thus effectively saving your money.


Having looked at the services that we offer, it is safe to say that refinancing an automobile is not the risky and troublesome process that it is often portrayed as, but Ignition Financial makes your life easier with our services.


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Everything You should Know About Tony Petrello

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Mr. Anthony Petrello is the current CEO of Nabors Industries. He was elected to the Board and the Executive Committee in 1991. He was the COO and President of the firm until 2011 when he also became the Chairman of the board to his portfolio. He has been crucial in providing direction for the firm in the current competitive environment. Consequently, the company has been able to prosper and adapt.

Before Tony Petrello began working for Nabors, he worked at the Baker and McKenzie law firm. The law firm focused on general corporate law, taxation, and international arbitration. Until he resigned in 1991, Mr Anthony Petrello worked as the firm’s Managing Partner at its New York office from 1986. He is a J.D. degree holder from Harvard. He also holds an M.S. in Mathematics from Yale University. Mr. Petrello is currently a director at Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC.

He is a major advocate for research into children with neurological disorders on Salary.com. He and his wife are collaborating with the Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute in this field. He gets his inspiration from the fact that his daughter suffers from PVL, which is a neurological disorder. He is also a Trustees Board member at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Nora Olabi’s Story on Mr Petrello
According to the new story, Mr Petrello, who is among the best-paid executives in the oil industry, will receive a huge pay cut. The cut will be about 10% of Mr Petrello’s current earnings. Additionally, the CEO will also get a 10% cut to his salary. However, the cut will not have an impact on his ancillary benefits. Reference: http://www.nri.texaschildrens.org/give_gift/leaders_giving/cynthia_tony_petrello.aspx

Lloyd Grove on Tony Petrello
Mr. Grove piece on Tony Petrello expressed awe at the fact that his college roommate in the first year was among the highest paid executives in the oil industry on Bloomberg. Although he looked a bit different in his recent photos, Mr Grove could tell it was Tony. Mr Grove has seen many other former schoolmates and acquaintances surpass him career wise. However, Mr Petrello’s success was particularly shocking for Grove.

According to Mr Grove, Tony was a skinny scholarship kid from Newark who had an eager demeanor and loud mouth that made him stand out. Mr Tony, who was of Italian –American descent, would often joke about his family’s mob connections during dull college lunches. Another unique quality about Mr. Anthony Petrello was that he was quite a math whiz. He was so good at math that he became a protégé of Prof. Land at just 18 years.

Mr. Grove lost contact with Tony in the 80s. During that time, he married his college girlfriend, advanced in his career, and even started a family. During their time in college together, Mr Grove knew Tony to be a person who did not take offense seriously.

Although Mr Grove did not manage to hold a phone conversation with Tony, he did get an email from him. The email was written humorously. It stated that he (Tony) attributed most of his success in life to luck.

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