What to Consider in Choosing the Right FreedomLife Insurance

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In the insurance industry choosing the right type of insurance to select is a confusing and a very important decision. Below are some of the factors to consider enabling you to choose the right insurance option.

You may need to consider a permanent life insurance if you fall into this category of need

  • If you need life insurance for the rest of your life- Freedom Life insurance offers a permanent policy that pays a death benefit regardless of the age you die in.
  • If you need to accumulate a saving element that will increase on a tax-deferred basis and could serve as a source of borrowed funds for some reasons. The savings can be used for any purpose you choose including, using it to pay premiums when one is unable to pay them. You can also borrow the funds when your credit is shaky. The death serves as the collateral for a loan when one dies before full repayment. Freedom Life Insurance collects all what is due to it later determining what goes to the beneficiary.

Permanent policies attract high premium rates in comparison to the term insurance. However, permanent policies premiums remain the same regardless of the insurer age while as term premiums are capable of rising during renewal. The different types of permanent insurance policies available at Freedom Life Insurance include universal life, variable life, universal and variable life, and whole life insurance.

Term life insurance is a viable choice in the following circumstances

  • If you need life insurance for a specified period for either, you want the insurance to reimburse a debt that will be paid off in a specified time a term insurance policy can be bought for that specified period. Term insurance helps one to match the length of the need to the length of the term policy.
  • Term life insurance is ideal when one has a large amount of life insurance under a limited budget. Thus, this type of life insurance does not build equity in term of cash savings.

One needs to consider the likelihood of the change in financial needs thus consider the convertible term policies. They allow one convert term to permanent insurance in the absence of a medical examination inclusive of higher premium rates.

Check more: https://www.corporationwiki.com/Texas/Fort-Worth/freedom-life-insurance-company-of-america-3543239.aspx



Securus Vows to Defeat Contraband Cell Phone Access Through WCS

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A three-and-a-half minute video circulated on Facebook Live recently. The man in question, Jose Ariel Rivera, is in the video ranting and holding a knife in his possession. Authorities caught wind of the video after it generated buzz on the internet. The video occurred at Evans Correctional Institution in South Carolina.


Miami native Robert Johnson was responsible for blocking contraband cell phones totaling $50,000 from entering Lee’s Correctional Facility in South Carolina. An inmate retaliated by shooting the now ex-corrections officer six times in his home, nearly killing him. Johnson, alive and well, is on a mission to end cell phone contraband permanently. Meanwhile, Sean Echols, arrested and convicted, is the man responsible for shooting Johnson in his home. The police mentioned Echols was a contract killer hired by someone in prison to kill him. Johnson recalled another incident where a contract killer contacted via contraband cell phone killed a baby because the baby’s uncle did something they didn’t approve.


These issues represent troubling times behind bars. Cell phones with access to the outside world enter countless prisons and jails, and there’s nothing official and staff members can do to stop it. For every detour found by personnel, inmates find a different avenue to gain cell phone access, retaliate, or both. At Securus Technologies, we emphasize and sympathize with Robert Johnson, correctional personnel in South Carolina, and correctional personnel across the USA and Canada. We are equally proud to say Robert Johnson will help us combat this issue by working for us at Securus as a consultant. Additionally, our latest technology will aid in ending cell phone access inside prison walls.


WCS, or Wireless Containment Solutions, goes through a selective process with phone calls. Facility-approved phone numbers and local/state government numbers (including 911) will go through as normal. Unauthorized phone numbers are blocked. Blocked phone numbers lose cell phone carrier access and Wi-Fi access. Without a carrier, inmates can’t make calls. Without Wi-Fi, inmates cannot access the internet. It doesn’t stop contraband cell phone smuggling, but it does render the cell phone useless. In fact, this technology prevented over 1.7 million illegal calls in our eight-facility test run. While the FCC passed a law preventing phone calls from being jammed or blocked, they will collaborate with us. The FCC will make this technology accessible to all correctional facilities by reducing paperwork and insisting phone carriers’ cooperation with this problem.


In closing, there’s a reason Securus is the leading provider of jail and prison technology. We aim to be on the right side of history. Our proven record of accomplishment shows that we won’t stop until the public and incarceration personnel are safe. The technology we offer aims to do just that.


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Nathaniel Ru Is Making Sweetgreen A 9 Figure Success

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Nathaniel Ru didn’t get his reputation as one of the country’s most amazing young entrepreneur for nothing. He has proven himself through his fast food chain Sweetgreen. This fast food chain has managed to make $95 million in a matter of a few years while giving the fast food industry an entirely new way of thinking about the cuisine it serves.

Millennials in general are changing everything around them, but this is something in a league of its own. For once we will now associate fast food with good health. His work was cut out for him but Nathaniel Ru has managed to come out on top.

All In A Salad

The most amazing thing about Sweetgreen is that just about everything on the menu is a salad. The key to making it work is to give customers a variety of vegetables to choose from.

There are tomatoes, radishes, and baby brusselsprouts to name a few, but the menu stays fresh due to the insistence on seasonal menus. The menu changes with the season and fans of the restaurant must wait before they are finally able to enjoy certain meals.

A Little Something For Everyone

The best thing about Sweetgreen is that Nathaniel understand the need for Millennials to have a business that accurately reflected their desire for social change and for companies to make a difference. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Sweetgreen is doing just that by making sure the proceeds go towards charities that fight world hunger and by giving musicians a platform to improve the world around them. So far, the strategy seems to be working and has made Sweetgreen one of the most popular brands among Millennials. That success has the potential to turn this into something much greater than it is now.

Building On Success

Ru has certainly made this company into something to watch, but he’s far from done. He wants to make sure that America changes the way it thinks about fast food and what it needs to do for its health.

That’s exactly what appears to be happening with Sweetgreen. Other companies are looking at the success of Sweetgreen and are trying to find a way to emulate the success for themselves. If this influence continues the story of Sweetgreen will be thought of as the model for fast food to use in general. Only time will tell if that happens.


How To Successfully Prepare For A Lifeline Screening

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What Is Lifeline Screening

Lifeline screening is very similar to a sonogram. The type of sonography used on patients with a multi-color dye. They create reliable images to help you with your treatment and recovery of many illnesses.Ultrasound is also used to project these images with high frequency sound waves. Their superior Doppler flow helps customers have far less recovery time. Their technological advancements is preferred by thousands of patients worldwide because of their proven success rate. They attempt to make your treatment non-abrasive and painless. Find out from your primary care physician to learn more about if lifeline screening is right for you.

What To Expect

Lifeline screening is similar to the ultrasound given to a woman to reveal images of the fetus. individualized care with accurate results. Lifeline screening is also used as preventative care for their patients. It allows you to get an early diagnosis of your cardiovascular health before can illness strikes. Get a painful procedure getting you home in less time than most treatment performed with traditional medical treatment. Get a clear image magnified 76% more than an x-ray to pinpoint any potential health issues.

Where Are They Performed And How Do I Dress

Since their treatments are nonabrasive it doesn’t require a lot of preparation. Most people are use to traditional techniques that require days of fasting. However, lifeline screening only requires a 24 hour restriction on food and 12 hours for any fluids. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a certain dress code because you’re only required to wear loose clothing which will give the physician room to work on the area being used for the images.

The Benefits Of Lifeline Screening

– screenings to prevent strokes

– results providing a peace of mind

– complete cardiovascular system screening

– qualified team of professionals

– accurate imagery

– speedy results

Lifeline screening is a used to give you fast results on your potential cardiovascular disease to avoid a sudden life threatening illness like a heart attack or stroke. The best treatment in the health care industry comes from early diagnosis. Thousands of lives are saved each year through the technological advancements of lifeline screenings. You’re invited to do an online search to find out how to secure your lifeline with complete and accurate screening.

Learn more:https://patch.com/texas/across-tx/how-lifeline-screening-can-help-you-lead-healthier-longer-life


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Oncotarget– Publishing Latest Oncology Research Findings

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Oncotarget is a free-access multidisciplinary traditional research journal. The mission of the journal is to make important scientific results widely and rapidly available. The journal publishes online papers weekly. The Oncotarget success has prompted the publishers to launch sections that are now going beyond oncology such as Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Metabolism, Pharmacology and more.

New EPOC Study

IntegraGen has announced that study outcomes from an investigation of miR-31-3p expression from patients enrolled in this clinical trial have now been published in Oncotarget (November 2017). Tumor samples were used in the analysis. This publication has confirmed that analyzing expression levels in patients suffering from RAS wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer may be utilized as a complementary diagnostic tool towards helping in identifying those who stand to gain from targeted anti-EGFR therapy.

This is the first theranosticpositive test for metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patients. The New EPOC Study data will provide additional insights to clinicians on therapeutic approaches tailoring for better treatment outcomes for metastatic colorectal cancer patients.

Ovarian Cancer Circulating Tumor Cells Study

Amongst gynecological cancers, ovarian cancer is rated as the most common causes of death globally. The majority of cases are usually diagnosed during their late-stage leading to poor survival. This study concluded that there is available evidence supporting the view that CTCs/DTCs were associated significantly with advanced ovarian cancer tumor stage, other residual diseases as well as treatment response. This, however, was not the case with histological types or with lymph node metastasis for patients having ovarian cancer.

In addition, CTCs were significantly linked to poorer survival. The study concluded that CTCs/DTCs could be employed as a dependable non-invasive prognostic indicator for ovarian cancer. Therefore, clinical management on the basis of CTCs/DTCs may be beneficial when it comes determining which ovarian cancer patients potentially stand gain from adjuvant therapy.


A research journal publication, Oncotarget is accessible to medics who think they can contribute information. Covering deep oncology research, this is an outstanding and very important journal in the field of cancer research. Established in 2010, Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals and is also ranked by Scimago Journal.

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Omar Boraie: From Immigrant to Mogul

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Recently, the Philly Purge published an article about a development in New Brunswick. The city in New Jersey is something many people may be inclined to overlook, but the article made it easier for people to understand what was going on in the city. For years, the city was terrible and had a lot of crime. It was not somewhere people would go to visit and was certainly not somewhere people would want to move to. Things have changed though and the Philly Purge believes it has something to do with Omar Boraie. He is responsible for the shift in the New Brunswick environment.

When Sam Boraie first came to the United States, he needed a way to make his life sustainable. He lived in New Brunswick and saw all the issues that were happening in the city. He decided he was going to make his life better while he was also making his city better. The way he would do it would develop the city into something people could enjoy no matter what they liked to do. Boraie knew it was the best idea so he continued to stick with it even when people doubted what he was doing.

Omar Boraie bought his first property in New Brunswick that he was going to develop. It was run down and had major issues, but he didn’t care. He was going to turn it into something even better than what the city had ever seen. According to crunchbase.com, Boraie wanted to make sure he was prepared for it though so he waited to stop developing until he was able to buy the whole block. At that point, many people were really worried about his sanity because all of the buildings on the block were in poor shape with little hope for being redeemed.

Since Boraie knew what he was doing, he got to work right away on making the buildings better. Now, they are part of what is the most exclusive development in the city. People try their best to get into the development, but there is a waitlist. Omar Boraie knew he could do it even though people had a lot of doubt in him. He knew there were many things he would need to do, but creating the development was one of the best things he did because it is now the most popular (and expensive) developments in the entire city of New Brunswick. Read more on centraljerseyworkingmoms.com.

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Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund and its Impacts to the Immigrants

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Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund happen to be a famous foundation established in the year 2012 for the funding of various groups based in Arizona whose work is fighting for the rights of the immigrants. The organization is owned by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who are great American journalists since years 1970. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

They have a lot of experience and have witnessed so many governments and people being mistreated by the governments of the day. The two great journalists are recognized for the efforts they put towards fighting for the rights of the immigrants. Arizona is known to be the host of these immigrants considering that it borders Mexico and therefore being the entry point for every Hispanic immigrant.

They have over five decades in the field of journalism, and thus the experience they share is enough to make them help the people who understand the real issues affecting the society.

They are also the co-founders of the famous magazines which are Village Voice Media and also the famous Phoenix News Times. They have used the platforms to raise awareness to the people that their rights are important for their progress. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The two journalists despite working closely with civil activist’s upheld the Fifth Amendment Rights and have worked with a lot of caution and care. They have been on the frontline ensuring despite oppression by the Maricopa county; they would still push for their rights. In the year 2007, the two were arrested because they revealed the secrets that were going on at the grand duly.

They were believed to have been protecting the jury, and the two guys published a story that was so moving regarding the behavior being conducted in that office. It was said that the County Sheriff Joe Arpaio used to exploit the immigrants accordingly.

The journalists were arrested and were charged with exposing the jury’s secrets and thus being the target. The charges were later dropped by Thomas who happened to have been the county attorney by then. After they left, they realized that their careers had come to a stop just because of the time they spent there. They didn’t have time to look after their businesses, and it was now clear that they need more time to revive their careers.

Jim and Michael decided to go to the courts of appeal and sued Joe Arpaio, Jury and also the county attorney. In 2012, it was ruled out that the journalist’s rights had been infringed and they deserved to be compensated for damages. They got $3.75 as settlements which happened to be the birth of Larkin & lacey Frontera Fund.

That movement fought tirelessly for the recognition of the immigrants, and they ensured that they were treated accordingly. They started funding movements that were fighting for various issues across the entire divide. They even funded a group of students who were fighting and opposing the 2006 law that raised tuition fees for the immigrants who were studying at the Universities.

They also wanted to seek equality and justice when it comes to employment opportunities. These people have been on the frontline fighting for the justice of the immigrants all through.

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Preparing For A Lifeline Screening

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     A lifeline screening might sound like something that is scary, but the reality is this type of screening is worth getting. Lifeline screenings can help with different types of tests to determine if there are any major health issues that could become problematic down the road and help with addressing them before they get serious. Nothing is more stressful than being told about something that can affect your life and your health. Getting a lifeline screening can not only help reduce that worry and stress, but also help with taking care of things now instead of when they happen.

What To Do

Depending on the test, there are some things that every person must do to prepare. Here are the most common steps to prepare for a lifeline screening.

Wear loose fitting clothingLotions or OilsFastingPantyhose

  • Wear loose fitting clothing – Most tests will ask that loose-fitting clothing be worn. This is to allow the technicians to do their job easier and make the testing easier to handle.
  • Lotions or Oils – Some tests will say to not wear them. The reasoning is they can actually interfere with the testing and cause for incorrect readings.
  • Fasting – This one varies from no fasting, 4-hour fasting and up to 12-hour fasting.
  • Pantyhose – Ladies, most of the tests will ask that you not wear pantyhose. It can restrict blood flow and circulation to the legs, so please be mindful of these things.

These are four things to do when preparing for a lifeline screening. As always, make sure to check on the exact requirements for the exact test that will be performed. Some don’t have any requirements, while others will have all of these requirements and a few more. And as always, be prepared to arrive early and make sure that any medical information that might be vital or helpful is taken to the appointment.

Getting these tests done is not only good, but can prevent problems down the road. Being prepared for the lifeline screening can make the entire process easier to handle. Just know that what will be done will benefit your life now and in the future.

Please check http://releasefact.com/2017/09/life-line-screening-tells-you-what-you-need-to-know/ for more.



Dr. Mark McKenna Spills On His Success

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In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Mark McKenna sat down to share some of his secrets to success, and his inspiration for OVME. When asked what inspired him to create the company, McKenna states that his years of working in the medical aesthetics industry gave him front row access to the needs of the industry. After growing his practice, Mark McKenna sold it to a publicly traded company. It was during this time that he saw a window of opportunity.

Up and at it early, McKenna says a simple key to success is staring your day early. How is 6:30 AM for example? Goal setting is key and helps improve time management. McKenna says that setting regular goals and practicing visualization helps keep him focused and enhances his creativity. The combination of these practices has helped McKenna build a stable career as an entrepreneur and an unblemished reputation as a medical professional.

Dr. S. Mark McKenna is a licensed Medical Doctor and Surgeon in both Georgia and Florida. A graduate of Tulane University Medical School, Dr. Mckenna is committed to patient advocacy and community involvement. A jack of all trades, he is also the co-founder of McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development firm. After losing majority of his business interest in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, he quickly took to the streets to help begin the rebuilding of the community.

Shortly after Katrina, McKenna and his family packed up and moved to Atlanta, GA. There he tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit again and launched ShapeMed. A medical practice centered around wellness and aesthetics, ShapeMed was sold to Life Term Fitness Inc. in 2014, where McKenna served as the National Medical Director. When he isn’t busy helping the community, or teaching and advocating for patients, Dr. McKenna enjoys spending time with his wife Gianine and their daughter Milana Elle.

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Karl Heideck On Keeping Abreast With Changing Laws Of Philadelphia

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Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia, PA-based practicing attorney who deals with a wide variety of legal issues. He has represented clients in corporate lawsuits, intellectual property, and commercial litigation. Furthermore, Karl Heideck has participated in mediations, arbitration, appeals and employment proceedings. His consultancy services are based on Compliance consulting and risk advisement.

Karl Heideck was an undergraduate student at Swarthmore College where he earned his degree in Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2003. Karl Heideck had his eyes set on becoming a licensed litigator, which led to his enrollment at the Templeton University, Beasley School of Law. He went on to graduate with a Juris Doctor in 2009. He was then able to make a foray into the legal practice. Karl Heideck has concentrated his practice in the state of Philadelphia for a decade and a half.

Philadelphia’s laws and legal framework differ radically from those of several other states in America. The rules that govern this states are also dynamic. They are subject to change at any given time. For example, the law that regulates the use of seat belts for children. Under the amended regulations, car seats are required to be designed to precise specifications. Children who are under the age of two years are also required by law to be fastened into a position facing the rear. Karl Heideck is representing clients who have their day in court with the new law on seat belts.

Follow Karl Heideck on Twitter.

When Karl Heideck is not representing his clients in court, he writes and explains the latest legal developments for the general enlightenment of the public. His articles are regularly published at the Philly Purge. Heideck often advises aspiring lawyers in law schools to be conversant with the bar requirements in the states that they are interested in practicing. Different states have different requirements for law students, and it pays to be well conversant with them.

Heideck’s clients include the people of Pennsylvania and corporate entities in Jenkintown, PA. His practice extends to the greater Philadelphia area. He has a reputation for being a thorough researcher with good knowledge of legal precedents. He employs high and aggressive legal strategies grounded in facts while representing his clients in court. With the knowledge that excellent legal representation is what every client deserves, Karl Heideck has made sure that he is conversant with all the laws about any given case he represents in a Philadelphia court.

Learn more about Karl Heideck: https://gazetteday.com/2017/08/new-car-seat-law-goes-in-effect-in-pennsylvania-karl-heideck-explains/