Anthony Petrello Assists With Harvey Recovery

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Though there were many significant things that happen in the year 2017, some events were much more notable than others. One event, in particular, affected Houston and its surrounding areas in a major devastating way. As Hurricane Harvey left a path of tragic circumstances behind, the need for immediate after relief was needed all across these locations. From flooded streets filled with tainted water to large numbers of Houston citizens needing a safe secure and healthy place to stay, the news traveled across the nation and abroad.

Local Leader Set up Help for Relief

Aside from communities responding from afar, it is important to note that some local leaders in the Houston area met the tasks head-on. While some leaders may have missed their opportunities to be compassionate those that were less fortunate, others leaders like CEO Tony Petrello and his well-known reputation for being compassionate did not fail to rise to very well to the occasion.

Workers from Nabors Industries Help in the Local Area and Around the Gulf Coast

With Tony Petrello and his organization, Nabors Industries, coming to the aid of their local neighbors and friends, there were huge efforts initiated in a very big way. In fact, many employees took time off of their jobs to assist in the relief efforts in their communities. Not only were these employees allowed to work within their local immediate vicinities but were also sent into other areas along the Gulf Coast to help in ensuring their neighbors received the help that they needed too. For instance, because food and water were desperately needed during these difficult times, the industry established an on-site kitchen to feed those local families impacted by these recovery efforts.

Organization Provided an Onsite Kitchen for Daily Meals – 3 Times a Day

As these onsite kitchen facilities were set-up, the communities were able to receive hot meals, at least 3 times a day. Therefore, these local communities were not only able to benefit from the physical help that was given from Nabors industry employees but also assistance with feeding food to those that were impacted by the hurricane and the flood waters that were left back at that time.

It was during these times that Anthony Petrello and his business organization was noted as taking on the responsibilities of helping those in the local community and surrounding area. Just like other times that he has helped others, these relief efforts were provided in his hometown.

Tony Petrello is one of the highest paid CEOs in America. He studied at Yale and Harvard. He worked as managing partner in a law firm.

Read more: Tony Petrello Helps to Launch the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital

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Small-Town Midwest Values Underpin The David McDonald Management Style

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A small family farm in the Midwest may the best training ground for the president of one of America’s largest private companies. But for David McDonald, a farm on northeast Iowa was more than a training ground – it was his home. Born in 1964, David McDonald grew up helping his dad raise crops and some livestock. It was a place to learn the Midwest values of honesty, hard work, being kind to neighbors and strangers, and the importance of belonging to a community.

Some cynics today might say such values don’t apply to the cut-throat world of international business, but for David McDonald, the lessons he learned as a youth shine through the company he leads today. After earning his degree from Iowa State University in 1987, he was hired by OSI Industries (also called OSI Group) that same year. He has remained with the company ever since. OSI is a meat processing operation serving the retail food industry. McDonald worked his way up to become President, and under his tenure, OSI has experienced phenomenal growth and international expansion.

Today OSI Group is a $6 billion a year company and Forbes ranks it at No. 58 on its of America’s Largest Private Companies list. It employs some 20,000 people and has 65 facilities in 17 countries. Consider that just a few years ago Forbes listed OSI at 136 with $3 billion in annual revenue. Clearly, under David McDonald, OSI has experienced remarkable growth. In a recent interview, McDonald said “OSI has a tremendous aspiration for growth … the constant desire to grow and improve is a cornerstone to the culture itself.”

Another key element of OSI culture under McDonald is an extreme commitment to environmentally friendly operation and a business philosophy that views sustainability as an absolutely integral. Under McDonald, OSI has innovated ways to save energy – large meat processing operations like OSI necessarily require a lot of juice for things like refrigeration and machinery. Such industries also tend to be intensive in use of water. To this end alternative sources of energy have been installed in most locations. Low-flow faucets and other water conserving devices are also critical.

True to his humble Iowa farm roots, McDonald says the OSI way is to never “brag or trumpet success” but rather to “support customers’ success while “we stay low profile.” Words to live by – and taking into account David McDonald’s 30 years with OSI — you can’t argue with success.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Explains His Success

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Dr. Mark McKenna has been licensed by the State Board of Medical Examiners in both Georgia and Florida. He is someone who has the opportunity to serve as a doctor in those two states. In 2007, this man moved from New Orleans and made his home in Atlanta, Georgia to take on a new life. Ten years after that move, Dr. Mark McKenna became the founder and CEO of the company OVME. This company is one that he came up with, and it is one that is changing the world of elective healthcare in big ways. This man is a husband and a father, and he is someone who is committed to the work that he does.

When given the chance to explain how he got the idea for his company, Dr. Mark McKenna shared that he spent many years in the medical aesthetics industry. During the time that he spent working in that industry, he saw opportunities for things to be changed up. He saw things that could be done differently. He founded his company so that he could disrupt that world and change it for the better. When someone sees a need and they take on that need, they can do great things with their life and more

There are times when a person has to be alone and have some quiet time if they are going to do great things. If a person is going to continue to come up with good ideas and make those ideas work out, that person has to be able to get some time alone. Dr. Mark McKenna has shared that he spends time meditating each day. He has shared that the secret to his success is the fact that he not only sets active goals for himself, he also takes time alone to meditate in quiet.

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Troy McQuagge Wins the One Planet Awards

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Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH group in June 2010, working with the captive insurance agency, USHEALTH Advisors. He served as the president and chief executive officer and of USHEALTH Advisors. Troy was later appointed the executive vice president chief marketing officer of USHEALTH Group in November 2013. Troy was then promoted and chosen to work as the CEO and president of USHEALTH Group in June 2014. McQuagge has worked in a similar capacity since June 2014 with USHEALTH Group’s subsidiaries such as Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

Troy McQuagge’s career started in 1983 when he was working with the Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, Troy worked with the Student Insurance Division, a renowned insurance company in the United States. McQuagge was in 1997 named as UICI’s insurance agency, UGA president. In 2006, private equity investors acquired UICI, and they changed its name to HealthMarkets. Troy was responsible of leading the company’s sales and marketing efforts. HealthMarket’s Agency Marketing Group (AMG) recorded over $1 billion annual premium sales volume in 2007 when Troy was working as the president. AMG received the Insurance Sales Organization of the year award by Stevie and Selling Power Magazine Awards. Troy graduated with a B.A. degree in 1983 from the Central Florida University.

Troy receives a global award

The chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, has been recognized as the Gold Winner in the well-known One Planet Awards. He was named the CEO of the year. The One Planet Award acknowledges the efforts of business and professional excellence in all industries from across the globe. Organizations all over the world are eligible to submit nominations including non-profit and profit-making firms, start-ups and new firms, private and public agencies, to smallest and largest firms.

Troy joined USHEALTH in 2010, but he was made the president and CEO of the Group in 2014. After entering the organization, Troy started turning around the firm by re-building USHEALTH Advisors. The leadership of Troy at USHEALTH Group has seen the company grow to become successful in the highly competitive individual health insurance market. The Group has also increased its profits during Troy’s leadership.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance firm that is based in Ft. Worth, Texas. Its primary focus is on offering innovative health coverage for self-employed people as well as business owners. USHEALTH has a primary goal of combining talents of its agents and employees to market profitable and competitive insurance products while offering superior customer service in all the aspects of the Group’s operations.

Troy admitted that he was honored to receive the esteemed peer and industry recognition. He also noted that the award did not belong to him. Troy said that it belonged to everyone at USHEALTH Group because it showcases the testament of the group’s ongoing commitment to tackling healthcare affordability issues for clients. He also said that the Group is dedicated to offering coverage that grows with the growing needs of customers. Visit:



The Role of USHEALTH Advisors in the Market

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In order to live a good life, it is paramount to have a clean bill of health. It is impossible to live life without getting sick at some point in life. This is why many insurance companies have emerged so that they can offer consumers in the world the health plans they deserve. Without a health coverage plan, people will have challenges when it comes to finding the right medical care. In United States, there are millions of companies offering healthcare coverage. However, most of these institutions have very costly plans, and this means that they are not affordable to the middle-class investor who earns very little at the end of the month. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

The individuals who are self-employed are the most affected when they want to purchase healthcare plans. Small businessmen are also in the category of people in the middle-class. Because they have very minimal incomes, these individuals cannot afford health plans from some of the prestigious insurance companies in the world. A company known as USHEALTH Group is however, doing its best to change the lives of the people with low incomes. The company is found in the United States, and it focuses on offering people the plans that will suit all their needs. Visit:

The USHEALTH Group is a public institution that was established very many years ago. The company has several other firms that work together with the primary aim of offering consumers affordable and quality health plans. One of the companies affiliated with the powerful insurance company is known as USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Advisors is known to many people in the society as the marketing arm of the USHEALTH Group. As the marketing department of the large institution, the USHEALTH Advisors section has a team of agents who are responsible for marketing the company plans to people in the country. These agents are trained in the best learning institutions, and their greatest responsibility is to sell the insurance covers to people in the country. These agents are entitled to a great compensation at the end of the day. According to a recent survey, USHEALTH Advisors agents are some of the most paid in the market.

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Oncotarget’s Branching Forward into New Mediums

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Oncotarget, being the renowned multidisciplinary journal for the incorporation of free and open access, has served its readers in scientific community with the initial focus on oncology, a study that is dedicated to the prevention of disease – particularly those that are linked to cancer.

Oncotarget, through consistency, has successfully achieved this by publishing papers online and allowing the democratization of information of those said published papers.

“To ensure that scientific results are widely available” serves as their stated objective.

The reasoning behind this to have the results and the study will be reviewed democratically. Download output styles at

As stated before, the true conclusive goal is to use the published journal as a weapon to fight and combat diseases proactively.

Adding to the aforementioned, Oncotarget is able to collaborate with recognized scientific indexes.

The journal also archives to allow free and open access democratically to every researcher.

This is done to further to understand the study that was conducted and to reexamine the results of any said and published study

Though originally geared towards oncology, other studies have been studied and featured among the published papers of Oncotarget such as (but not limited to) chromosomes, autophagy, and microbiology.

With Oncotarget being active since 2010, the journal has accomplished another feat: it is presently the world’s largest oncology peer-reviewed research publication.

Increasing the Frequency to a Twice-Weekly Publication

Oncotarget is to increase the frequency of its publication.

The frequency will be increased to a twice-weekly publication.

The consequence for the readers is that they will receive new issues biweekly schedule on Tuesday and on Friday.

The reason is should Oncotarget can successfully avoid any gaps or delays in the releases of their publications.

Oncotarget’s Going Into Podcasting!

Oncotarget is also intent on using podcasting as an avenue to act as a journal with several podcasts dedicated to a specific study and topic.

Learn more:

The media consumers for Oncotarget will have more ways to consume content than just text and media.

“Our mission has always been to make exceptional discoveries rapidly and widely available, eliminate borders between specialties by linking different fields of biomedical science and foster applications of basic and clinical science, stated Oncotarget’s editor-in-chief.

The podcast series will be available on Stitcher, Blubrry, and Soundcloud.

Continuing Democratization

Oncotarget is been able to breach forward with its commitment for the democratization of information. Watch this video on Youtube.



What to Consider in Choosing the Right FreedomLife Insurance

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In the insurance industry choosing the right type of insurance to select is a confusing and a very important decision. Below are some of the factors to consider enabling you to choose the right insurance option.

You may need to consider a permanent life insurance if you fall into this category of need

  • If you need life insurance for the rest of your life- Freedom Life insurance offers a permanent policy that pays a death benefit regardless of the age you die in.
  • If you need to accumulate a saving element that will increase on a tax-deferred basis and could serve as a source of borrowed funds for some reasons. The savings can be used for any purpose you choose including, using it to pay premiums when one is unable to pay them. You can also borrow the funds when your credit is shaky. The death serves as the collateral for a loan when one dies before full repayment. Freedom Life Insurance collects all what is due to it later determining what goes to the beneficiary.

Permanent policies attract high premium rates in comparison to the term insurance. However, permanent policies premiums remain the same regardless of the insurer age while as term premiums are capable of rising during renewal. The different types of permanent insurance policies available at Freedom Life Insurance include universal life, variable life, universal and variable life, and whole life insurance.

Term life insurance is a viable choice in the following circumstances

  • If you need life insurance for a specified period for either, you want the insurance to reimburse a debt that will be paid off in a specified time a term insurance policy can be bought for that specified period. Term insurance helps one to match the length of the need to the length of the term policy.
  • Term life insurance is ideal when one has a large amount of life insurance under a limited budget. Thus, this type of life insurance does not build equity in term of cash savings.

One needs to consider the likelihood of the change in financial needs thus consider the convertible term policies. They allow one convert term to permanent insurance in the absence of a medical examination inclusive of higher premium rates.

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Securus Vows to Defeat Contraband Cell Phone Access Through WCS

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A three-and-a-half minute video circulated on Facebook Live recently. The man in question, Jose Ariel Rivera, is in the video ranting and holding a knife in his possession. Authorities caught wind of the video after it generated buzz on the internet. The video occurred at Evans Correctional Institution in South Carolina.


Miami native Robert Johnson was responsible for blocking contraband cell phones totaling $50,000 from entering Lee’s Correctional Facility in South Carolina. An inmate retaliated by shooting the now ex-corrections officer six times in his home, nearly killing him. Johnson, alive and well, is on a mission to end cell phone contraband permanently. Meanwhile, Sean Echols, arrested and convicted, is the man responsible for shooting Johnson in his home. The police mentioned Echols was a contract killer hired by someone in prison to kill him. Johnson recalled another incident where a contract killer contacted via contraband cell phone killed a baby because the baby’s uncle did something they didn’t approve.


These issues represent troubling times behind bars. Cell phones with access to the outside world enter countless prisons and jails, and there’s nothing official and staff members can do to stop it. For every detour found by personnel, inmates find a different avenue to gain cell phone access, retaliate, or both. At Securus Technologies, we emphasize and sympathize with Robert Johnson, correctional personnel in South Carolina, and correctional personnel across the USA and Canada. We are equally proud to say Robert Johnson will help us combat this issue by working for us at Securus as a consultant. Additionally, our latest technology will aid in ending cell phone access inside prison walls.


WCS, or Wireless Containment Solutions, goes through a selective process with phone calls. Facility-approved phone numbers and local/state government numbers (including 911) will go through as normal. Unauthorized phone numbers are blocked. Blocked phone numbers lose cell phone carrier access and Wi-Fi access. Without a carrier, inmates can’t make calls. Without Wi-Fi, inmates cannot access the internet. It doesn’t stop contraband cell phone smuggling, but it does render the cell phone useless. In fact, this technology prevented over 1.7 million illegal calls in our eight-facility test run. While the FCC passed a law preventing phone calls from being jammed or blocked, they will collaborate with us. The FCC will make this technology accessible to all correctional facilities by reducing paperwork and insisting phone carriers’ cooperation with this problem.


In closing, there’s a reason Securus is the leading provider of jail and prison technology. We aim to be on the right side of history. Our proven record of accomplishment shows that we won’t stop until the public and incarceration personnel are safe. The technology we offer aims to do just that.


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Nathaniel Ru Is Making Sweetgreen A 9 Figure Success

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Nathaniel Ru didn’t get his reputation as one of the country’s most amazing young entrepreneur for nothing. He has proven himself through his fast food chain Sweetgreen. This fast food chain has managed to make $95 million in a matter of a few years while giving the fast food industry an entirely new way of thinking about the cuisine it serves.

Millennials in general are changing everything around them, but this is something in a league of its own. For once we will now associate fast food with good health. His work was cut out for him but Nathaniel Ru has managed to come out on top.

All In A Salad

The most amazing thing about Sweetgreen is that just about everything on the menu is a salad. The key to making it work is to give customers a variety of vegetables to choose from.

There are tomatoes, radishes, and baby brusselsprouts to name a few, but the menu stays fresh due to the insistence on seasonal menus. The menu changes with the season and fans of the restaurant must wait before they are finally able to enjoy certain meals.

A Little Something For Everyone

The best thing about Sweetgreen is that Nathaniel understand the need for Millennials to have a business that accurately reflected their desire for social change and for companies to make a difference. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Sweetgreen is doing just that by making sure the proceeds go towards charities that fight world hunger and by giving musicians a platform to improve the world around them. So far, the strategy seems to be working and has made Sweetgreen one of the most popular brands among Millennials. That success has the potential to turn this into something much greater than it is now.

Building On Success

Ru has certainly made this company into something to watch, but he’s far from done. He wants to make sure that America changes the way it thinks about fast food and what it needs to do for its health.

That’s exactly what appears to be happening with Sweetgreen. Other companies are looking at the success of Sweetgreen and are trying to find a way to emulate the success for themselves. If this influence continues the story of Sweetgreen will be thought of as the model for fast food to use in general. Only time will tell if that happens.


How To Successfully Prepare For A Lifeline Screening

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What Is Lifeline Screening

Lifeline screening is very similar to a sonogram. The type of sonography used on patients with a multi-color dye. They create reliable images to help you with your treatment and recovery of many illnesses.Ultrasound is also used to project these images with high frequency sound waves. Their superior Doppler flow helps customers have far less recovery time. Their technological advancements is preferred by thousands of patients worldwide because of their proven success rate. They attempt to make your treatment non-abrasive and painless. Find out from your primary care physician to learn more about if lifeline screening is right for you.

What To Expect

Lifeline screening is similar to the ultrasound given to a woman to reveal images of the fetus. individualized care with accurate results. Lifeline screening is also used as preventative care for their patients. It allows you to get an early diagnosis of your cardiovascular health before can illness strikes. Get a painful procedure getting you home in less time than most treatment performed with traditional medical treatment. Get a clear image magnified 76% more than an x-ray to pinpoint any potential health issues.

Where Are They Performed And How Do I Dress

Since their treatments are nonabrasive it doesn’t require a lot of preparation. Most people are use to traditional techniques that require days of fasting. However, lifeline screening only requires a 24 hour restriction on food and 12 hours for any fluids. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a certain dress code because you’re only required to wear loose clothing which will give the physician room to work on the area being used for the images.

The Benefits Of Lifeline Screening

– screenings to prevent strokes

– results providing a peace of mind

– complete cardiovascular system screening

– qualified team of professionals

– accurate imagery

– speedy results

Lifeline screening is a used to give you fast results on your potential cardiovascular disease to avoid a sudden life threatening illness like a heart attack or stroke. The best treatment in the health care industry comes from early diagnosis. Thousands of lives are saved each year through the technological advancements of lifeline screenings. You’re invited to do an online search to find out how to secure your lifeline with complete and accurate screening.

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