Top Infrastructure and Logistics Company IAP Worldwide

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IAP Worldwide is a leading company that provides technology solutions, facilities management and logistics for both government and private organizations. This company helps provide these organizations with the help they need in order to get established in any remote area throughout the world. IAP Worldwide helps these organizations with services such as road development, building construction, communication system installation, energy system development and also management of technology resources on With all of the types of assistance provided by IAP Worldwide, a number of organizations will be in great position to conduct operations and complete projects with more ease and efficiency in any location.

For any organization looking to get established in any location, they will sometimes need access to quality roads. In remote locations, the roads are often of poor quality or nonexistent. As a result, new roads need to be developed and built. IAP Worldwide Services specializes in designing, developing and constructing better roads for its customers. This company will put together roads that are safe and that provide easy access to various locations in a given area. This will help organizations more easily establish a base as well as complete any projects.

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Many organizations will often need buildings in order to carry out projects and conduct operations. If there are no building structures available in the area, then such structures will need to be built. Fortunately for organizations in need of buildings, IAP Worldwide Services will help them get the facilities they need to conduct operations. IAP will design and construct any buildings and facilities necessary. With the construction of quality buildings, organizations will be in better position to establish a secure presence in any remote location in the world.

Once an organization has roads and buildings to conduct operations, it will then need communication and energy systems. Fortunately for these organizations, IAP Worldwide provides assistance with these tasks. IAP will often design and put together communications such as satellites, wireless signal towers and phone systems. As a result, the members of organizations will be able to easily communicate with each other. Along with communication systems, IAP helps put together energy systems which will help provide electricity, lighting and climate control for organizations.

As well as putting together energy and communication systems, IAP also puts together and manages technology as well. Nowadays organizations need to have computers, routers and servers to conduct operations. IAP Worldwide helps set up and install these systems. As well as installing technology systems, IAP also helps manage them by making sure that all data and information is secure and that all equipment is working properly at al times.

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Securus Technologies Shares Positive Client Comments

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Recently, Securus Technologies shared several positive reviews and comments about the Securus software and staff. CEO Rick Smith stated the Securus receives thousands of emails weekly offering thanks and praise regarding Securus products. Mr. Smith also stated that Securus’ technical staff researches and develops new security technology weekly in order to present the best in safety innovations to their clients.


Listed below are a few comments taken directly from the Securus press release. To read all of the posted reviews, please click here.


This comment from a Securus client stated how much screening phone conversations have helped to catch potential and actual wrongdoing.


“Calls were monitored containing information regarding inmate alcohol use, drug selling and drugs in the facility, possible access to a cellular device, threats, suspicious conversation regarding money being transferred, a past incident involving shots being fired, and a civilian admitting to selling prescription drugs at a discount.”


Some clients wrote to Securus to state how long they have been with Securus Technologies and why they would never switch to another inmate communications company.


“For well over a decade now, our correctional facility has relied upon the technology solutions offered by Securus. It is encouraging to see that our vendor of choice is committed to both, revolutionizing the incarceration environment and progressively helping us to improve public safety in our jurisdiction.”


Securus Technologies has been helping over 3400 facilities and public service buildings across the country since 1986. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus serves over 1,200,000 inmates in facilities across the nation. Securus Technologies specializes in incident management, emergency response, information management, biometric analysis, investigation, information management, and inmate self service.


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The business of SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

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Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Consumer and Reform Protection Act in 2010, it was the most sweeping overhaul in the U.S. financial regulation since the great depression. Among the important reforms, the Dodd-Frank act helped to establish the new whistleblower program that helped in providing significant financial incentives and employment protections to individuals who had reported possible violations in the federal securities and exchange commission, also known as the SEC. As a response to the historic legislation, the first law firm that established the practice of exclusively focusing in advocating and protecting the SEC whistleblowers. While building the firms market-leading securities litigation platform, the whistleblower representation practice is leveraged on a in-house world-class team, that is made up of financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants for state and federal law enforcement experience experience in order to prove an unparalleled representation for the whistleblowers. The practice was led by Jordan A. Thomas, who is a former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director for the Division of Enforcement of the SEC.

While with SEC, Jordan played a role of leadership in developing the Whistleblower Program, this process included drafting the proposed legislation’s and then finally implementing the rules following the legislation’s. The rules of the program are that SEC is required to pay the eligible whistleblowers 10-30% of monetary sanctions that are collected as the result of successful SEC enforcement action or the actions which there is a sanction that exceeds one million dollars. If the threshold has been met, the whistleblowers may also be eligible for additional awards that are based on the monetary sanctions that are collected in related actions that have been brought by other law enforcement and regulatory organizations. The Dodd-Frank Act has prohibited the retaliation by employers that are against whistleblowers who have reported to the SEC that are pursuant towards the program rules. It is important that whistleblowers may also anonymously report any possible security violations and can be represented by an attorney. In order to learn more about the SEC Whistleblower Program, or in order to request a case evaluation, there is a number of ways to contact the Whistleblower Representation Team, these include by email, telephone, or an electronic submission through the whistleblower advocate website. Case evaluations and initial consultations are free, and are protected and confidential by the attorney-client privilege. While going through the initial consultation, though it is strongly encouraged, it is not required that individuals provide personal identifying information or names of possible securities violators. And translation services are available to international whistleblowers upon request.


Reaching For More Success At Securus Technologies

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Securus Technologies is extremely pleased with their 11 employees that have receive certification. The BICSI Installer 1 Certification was issued by BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International. With the honor of the certifications, Securus Technologies will continue its collaboration with BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International for the continued success of both of their companies into the future.


Securus Technologies


At Securus Technologies, there are plenty of daily routines that are necessary for our world at large. Securus Technologies is a leader in the public safety, assisting the justice departments on a regular basis. They perform monitoring and corrections for both, the criminal and civil sectors. Securus Technologies is a serious and profound company, that sees its employees as an important part of the mixture that creates their success.


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


There are many things that the company, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International does. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International supports and helps the industry of information and communication technology. Since they implement many ideas in data, voice and safety, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is a strong force in what they do. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International continues to make inroads in their field, and the future looks even brighter for them.


Allowing for the growing interest of public safety, Securus Technologies intends to create even better technology for equipment that will include monitors that are the highest standards of their kind. Securus Technologies will see a future that stands out for them, and they will become even better known for what they do. It will become increasingly important that North America has the company, Securus Technologies for their needs. When they are in the public safety area as prevalent as they are, Securus Technologies creates a huge impact on the future.

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Livio Bisterzo is the Creator of the Successful Hippeas Brand

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Livio Bisterzo came up with a revolutionary idea of developing a better-for-you brand, a tasty snack that meets the nutrition needs of consumers. He mobilized his team of professionals and they worked tirelessly to put the idea into action. The outcome of their efforts is a new product named Hippeas, tasty organic chickpea puffs, which are gluten-free, kosher, protein rich (3grams), 100 calories each pack, and an amazing source of fiber. Bisterzo and his team of experts had to design a snack for the socially and health conscious consumers.

Grab-and-go snack

Hippeas is now a grab-and-go snack available for purchase at Starbucks. Its dual flavors (Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar) are available in over 7,500 Starbucks location throughout the U.S. The snack is gaining an instant popularity, especially from the young consumers.


Bisterzo has been an innovator in the natural and health food sector for seven years. He began closely working with a firm that specializes in innovating new food in May 2015. His main mission was to create Hippeas. After a series of product designing and consumer testing, they had a finished product on their hands. They began working with chickpeas as the main ingredient and worked tirelessly to attain the right shape, bite, taste, and texture. According to Bisterzo, his main aim was to create a snack that does not divert away from what consumers love and one they will be confident to purchase. Although he is very pleased with the success Hippeas product has amassed, Bisterzo is equally happy of the product’s social mission. Hippeas has collaborated with Farm Africa and it will be financially supporting East African-based chickpea farmers.

Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneurial mind behind Green Park Holding, an exceptional food innovation firm in the nutrition and health industry that is growing tremendously. The firm creates and designs consumer brands that meet the health needs of consumers. Under Bisterzo’s leadership, Green Park creates, expands, and invests in revolutionary internationally recognized better-for-you consumer brands. Currently, the entrepreneur resides in Los Angeles together with his family.

Bisterzo is an alumnus of esteemed University of the Arts that is headquartered in London. He started entrepreneurship in 2003 after establishing an event business. Then, he created a diversified business portfolio consisting of consumer brands (Little Miracles, Kyoku for Men), lifestyle businesses, and hospitality brands (Pollen St, Maddox Club). His impressive brands and achievements have been quoted on establish magazines and newspapers including The Times, Harpers, Sunday Style, Esquire, Vanity Fair, and GQ.

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10 Easy Hair Hacks for More Beautiful Hair

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It’s time to make styling and caring for your hair easier than ever thanks to these 10 awesome hair hacks put together by Wengie.

Tip 1: Your hair relies on vitamins in your body: Eat omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin and folic acid to keep your hair strong, shiny and beautiful!
Tip 2: Clean your brush regularly to keep old oils out of your hair. Use a fine toothed comb to pull out old hair from the brush, then use shampoo to scrub any dirt away.
Tip 3: Fake a longer ponytail by putting your hair into two separate ponytails on top of one another. Tease the hair on the top ponytail to hide the bottom one.
Tip 4: Do a coconut hair mask before shampooing for healthier hair. Melt coconut oil, apply it to your scalp and massage it in before combing it through your hair. Let soak for 30 minutes before shampooing it away!
Tip 5: Rubbing a towel on your hair to dry it can actually cause breakage. Use a t-shirt with smoother fibers to ring out your hair to keep it healthier.
Tip 6: Use a bit of hairspray on a toothbrush or makeup brush to smooth away fly-away baby hairs or hairs along your roots for the smoothest finish you could ever want!
Tip 7: Twist your hair until the split ends stick out, then use a sharp pair of scissors to snip them off. This will keep your ends fresh between hair appointments.
Tip 8: No time to curl your hair? Put it up into a high ponytail, and then use a big-barreled curling iron to curl 3 or more sections. Let it down for an easy look.
Tip 9: Apply dry shampoo (or baby powder) to your roots at night so it can absorb all excess oil. Use a hair dryer to blow away excess powder in the morning & create extra volume!
Tip 10: Don’t sleep with your hair in elastics. If you must, use very soft elastics or cut a strip of old nylon off a pair of pantyhose to create very gentle elastics that will not damage your hair while sleeping!

Bonus tip! Push a dryer sheet onto your brush, and then, brush your hair. This will de-frizz your hair and add a lovely, light fresh smell!



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Talk Fusion: Video Solutions to Take Your Business Global

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Technology has become a major part of our lives. Billions of people around the world have access to smartphones and (by extension) the internet, which allows for an unprecedented amount of content, news, and media sharing on a global scale. With technological advancements accelerating at such a rapid pace, many businesses are rushing to keep up with consumers. Here to help close that ever-widening gap is Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is a video communication service, a service that specializes in offering visual communication options for business to use with their customers. Though only founded in 2007, Talk Fusion has quickly become a global leader in video marketing solutions. Founded by American businessman Bob Reina, the company’s innovations have reached associates in over 140 countries and shows no sign of slowing down. Their business offers include video email and newsletter servers, video chatting software, sign-up forums, and virtual meeting solutions. In addition to the cooperate side of its business Talk Fusion also has a strong emphasis on charitable giving with its Talk Fusion Gives Back Initiative.

Founder and CEO Bob Reina is described as a having a pretty strong sense of humor and an even stronger passion for improving the lives of others (be it through online video, or charity). By keeping his firm fairly small in size, his values have had a profound impact on the policies and actions that Talk Fusion has had over the years. His strong convictions and firm stance behind the actions and decisions his company has made him a strong entrepreneur and it shows in his company. It’s just as well too. With the technological revolution in full swing, one can only imagine the importance that online video will play in business marketing and outreach. So if you’re a business owner and you’re looking to increase your digital footprint from a residential to a global scale, remember Talk Fusion. They might have just what you need to take your small-time business to the screens of billions of consumers around the world.

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Kenneth Goodgame is a brilliant businessman

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The economy is rapidly recovering, and many businesses are looking to hire new and brilliant leaders. These leaders will help companies stay on the right track, so they can grow in a sustainable fashion. The hardware industry is growing rapidly as well, because many people are looking to buy their first home or renovate the home they are already in. There are numerous quality business leaders within the hardware store industry, but Kenneth Goodgame is probably the brightest star in the industry.

Kenneth started his career by receiving a degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. After graduating from Tennessee, Kenneth immediately accepted an offer from The Home Depot. At Home Depot, Kenneth held several roles. He started as a product merchant in the gardening section. He increased same-store sales by twenty percent. Eventually, Kenneth became a Senior Global Product Merchant where he oversaw the ordering of various products. Kenneth spent eight years with Home Depot and he loved every moment.

After spending eight years with The Home Depot, Kenneth took on a role with Newell Rubbermaid. He excelled at the company, turning their cleaning sector around and eventually working his way up to a Senior Vice President role. Kenneth left a brilliant legacy behind, but he had a new opportunity he had to take.

Kenneth took a job with Techtronic in 2008. He helped the Baja Motorsports division reach new highs as president. Eventually, he left to go back to the Hardware industry at Ace Hardware. He served as General Merchandising Manager and he had a tremendous impact on the company. True Value was looking for a new Senior Vice President, and he accepted the job with them in 2013.

Kenneth’s job performance has already had a major impact on the company. He is managing over $2 billion in global purchasing while overhauling the entire company. Sales are up, and True Value is extremely happy with the results he has brought.

Goodgame is a tremendous talent. His willingness to work hard has helped him reach new levels of success. He is a major name in the hardware store industry.

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The Many Talents Of Eric Pulier

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Some people are lucky enough to have many talents. They may be good at many things from writing to earning money to public speaking. Such is the case for author, philanthropist and businessman Eric Pulier. Pulier has many talents that he is often called on to demonstrate during the course of any given week. His talents allow him to engage in many varied activities of all kinds and have helped to give a full and pleasing life. He is proud that can be of use to those who need him and admire his work. He is also pleased at his ability to convey ideas in writing and speak out to groups of people from differing backgrounds quite well.

Many Businesses

Among his many talents, include a knack for business. His ability to help discover new business ventures of all kinds has led him to discover many great business ideas. His work in this field has focused on many field but primarily technology in particular. He firmly believes that technology has the power to change people’s lives for the better. This is why he aims to find business ventures he can back that are based on technological innovations. His companies include Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone and many others. It is his insights into the nature of business that have helped make such ventures a success.

The Painted Turtle

When not helping to create many new business ventures, Pulier is actively involved in many kinds of important charities. One of his particular favorites is The Painted Turtle. The Painted Turtle is a special summer camp, Here, children with chronic illnesses can gather each summer to enjoy a stress-free time with their peers. Children are given the chance to attend the summer camp via many means including scholarships that Pulier has helped establish and fund. As the father of four children that he adores, he is well aware of the need to provide fun for kids each summer. He hopes that the summer camp will continue to provide an ideal gathering space for kids to relax and let go of their medical worries.

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John Goullet and Diversant Continue to Provide Staffing and Solutions for a Diversified Workforce

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Diversant is the largest IT staffing firm in the United States owned by African-Americans and is nationally certified as an MBE (Minority-owned Business Enterprise). The company offers skilled staffing solutions for IT positions and assists companies with their diversity issues and concerns. Their strength is in helping others as they promote greater diversity in the workforce and determine how to maintain a qualified staff of talent for placement into positions that will benefit both the company and the employee.

John Goullet is the Chairman and Principal of Diversant and is known for his achievements in IT sector development. He graduated from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania in 1983 and worked as an entrepreneur and IT consultant prior to becoming involved in IT staffing. He eventually founded a staffing agency that became one of the fastest growing privately-owned firms in the country. The business was focused on helping Fortune 500 companies find solutions for their corporate needs. In 2010 John Goullet oversaw the merger of his company with Diversant.

Goullet remained with Diversant after the merger to continue his goal of developing methods to help IT services with common challenges and to guarantee they are staffed effectively. These steps help the companies Diversant works with to evolve along with a business world that is always changing. His leadership skills have proven to be beneficial to Diversant as the company continues to be a force in the IT sector.

The relationship between Goullet and Diversant is successful because both adhere to many of the same business principles. They know that the strongest workforce is one that is diverse and they believe that everyone deserves the same level of quality service whether they are working with staff, consultants, clients or partners.

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