10 Easy Hair Hacks for More Beautiful Hair

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It’s time to make styling and caring for your hair easier than ever thanks to these 10 awesome hair hacks put together by Wengie.

Tip 1: Your hair relies on vitamins in your body: Eat omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin and folic acid to keep your hair strong, shiny and beautiful!
Tip 2: Clean your brush regularly to keep old oils out of your hair. Use a fine toothed comb to pull out old hair from the brush, then use shampoo to scrub any dirt away.
Tip 3: Fake a longer ponytail by putting your hair into two separate ponytails on top of one another. Tease the hair on the top ponytail to hide the bottom one.
Tip 4: Do a coconut hair mask before shampooing for healthier hair. Melt coconut oil, apply it to your scalp and massage it in before combing it through your hair. Let soak for 30 minutes before shampooing it away!
Tip 5: Rubbing a towel on your hair to dry it can actually cause breakage. Use a t-shirt with smoother fibers to ring out your hair to keep it healthier.
Tip 6: Use a bit of hairspray on a toothbrush or makeup brush to smooth away fly-away baby hairs or hairs along your roots for the smoothest finish you could ever want!
Tip 7: Twist your hair until the split ends stick out, then use a sharp pair of scissors to snip them off. This will keep your ends fresh between hair appointments.
Tip 8: No time to curl your hair? Put it up into a high ponytail, and then use a big-barreled curling iron to curl 3 or more sections. Let it down for an easy look.
Tip 9: Don’t sleep with your hair in elastics. If you must, use very soft elastics or cut a strip of old nylon off a pair of pantyhose to create very gentle elastics that will not damage your hair while sleeping!

Bonus tip! Push a dryer sheet onto your brush, and then, brush your hair. This will de-frizz your hair and add a lovely, light fresh smell!



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