Anthony Petrello Assists With Harvey Recovery

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Though there were many significant things that happen in the year 2017, some events were much more notable than others. One event, in particular, affected Houston and its surrounding areas in a major devastating way. As Hurricane Harvey left a path of tragic circumstances behind, the need for immediate after relief was needed all across these locations. From flooded streets filled with tainted water to large numbers of Houston citizens needing a safe secure and healthy place to stay, the news traveled across the nation and abroad.

Local Leader Set up Help for Relief

Aside from communities responding from afar, it is important to note that some local leaders in the Houston area met the tasks head-on. While some leaders may have missed their opportunities to be compassionate those that were less fortunate, others leaders like CEO Tony Petrello and his well-known reputation for being compassionate did not fail to rise to very well to the occasion.

Workers from Nabors Industries Help in the Local Area and Around the Gulf Coast

With Tony Petrello and his organization, Nabors Industries, coming to the aid of their local neighbors and friends, there were huge efforts initiated in a very big way. In fact, many employees took time off of their jobs to assist in the relief efforts in their communities. Not only were these employees allowed to work within their local immediate vicinities but were also sent into other areas along the Gulf Coast to help in ensuring their neighbors received the help that they needed too. For instance, because food and water were desperately needed during these difficult times, the industry established an on-site kitchen to feed those local families impacted by these recovery efforts.

Organization Provided an Onsite Kitchen for Daily Meals – 3 Times a Day

As these onsite kitchen facilities were set-up, the communities were able to receive hot meals, at least 3 times a day. Therefore, these local communities were not only able to benefit from the physical help that was given from Nabors industry employees but also assistance with feeding food to those that were impacted by the hurricane and the flood waters that were left back at that time.

It was during these times that Anthony Petrello and his business organization was noted as taking on the responsibilities of helping those in the local community and surrounding area. Just like other times that he has helped others, these relief efforts were provided in his hometown.

Tony Petrello is one of the highest paid CEOs in America. He studied at Yale and Harvard. He worked as managing partner in a law firm.

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