Migrants deserve care and protection

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During the long trips and fights that refugees face when they are seeking safety are traumatizing and oppressing to even remember. There is a need for these refugees to find people who relate to share experiences and life events with as they encourage each other towards a better future. The heartaches and scars of the…

Madison Street Capital, The Trusted Investment Banking Firm

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Madison Street Capital reputation is at the highest in the investment banking industry. They pride themselves on excellence, integrity and leadership. Their focus is providing the best service and experience when dealing with privately and publicly held businesses. They understand that time sensitivity is important and it is essential that they respond quickly and tenaciously….

Lori Senecal Achieves Success By Keeping Up With The Fluid Market

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One thing that people can agree on is that the market is fluid. There are tons of changes that the market is undergoing. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to keep up with those changes if they want to succeed in the markets. It is also important for marketers to look ahead and catch some…

Myriad Civil, Human and Migrant Rights Groups

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When it comes to matters concerning human rights, the United States is a nation that has always taken a forefront since it is on this basis upon which it was founded. For this reason, numerous groups and organizations that fight for human, civil and migrants rights have been in operation for several decades. Some examples…


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Patty Rocklage the psychotherapist is a wife to Dr. Scott Rocklage a PhD graduate of chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She resides with her husband in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase Patty Rocklage graduated from the university of Southern California in 1981 with degrees in psychology and is a registered psychotherapist…

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Changing the Face of Showrooming and Fashion E-commerce

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By the close of 2016, Fabletics had grown its worth to over $250 million after only about three years in the fashion ecommerce market. The active wear brand operating within the American market is the first brand to give Amazon a real run for its money. This growth is highly attributed to its cofounders: Kate…

Arizona Dream Act Coalition’s Fight Against the Termination of DACA

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The Arizona Dream Act Coalition is a movement that was established by immigrant students in America. The Dreamers were responding to a law that was passed in 2006 requiring immigrant students to pay an exorbitant tuition fee and exempting them from benefiting from public scholarships. The ADAC currently advocates for education rights, lower tuition fees,…

The Factors that Make Waiakea Water The Greatest

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It is not enough to drink water. The type of water that is consumed has to be very high in quality. This means that it is important to find companies that are selling high-quality water. Fortunately, this is the easy part, in that there is a company that is very prominent in what it does…

Karl Heideck Dissects The Labor, Compliance, And Employment Laws In Pennsylvania

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Understanding labor laws are mandatory for any business owner. Employment regulations, in particular, affect employers and employees directly. Being conversant with them is, however, a challenge because they are subject to constant change. Dissecting the Labor Laws Karl Heideck, a renowned attorney, was recently examining the whole issue of labor laws, employment law, and compliance…

The Organizations That Have Championed for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

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The importance of human rights The need to address human, civil and migrant rights is increasing every day. The current world has a lot of diversity, but people seem not to be realizing the need to embrace every community. The human rights have been ignored. People trample upon the rights of the others without caring…