Brian Torchin: Innovative Social Media Use for Filling Staffing Needs

Posted on June 8, 2017 By

Why does the President and Owner of HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin, have a facebook account? It is not for distraction or entertainment. It is to serve his clients. Brian Torchin is expanding the use of facebook to include providing job opportunities for medical professionals.

Brian Torchin saw that there was a need for medical graduates to be connected to job opportunities, and he wanted to fill that gap. In doing so, he looked to methods outside of what had been done before. Though facebook is not usually a job board, it is a massive communication tool that can benefit job seekers.

Torchin saw this. Torchin is the Managing Partner for HCRC Staffing (Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing), and in this role he uses facebook, twitter, and an active blog to connect his clients. He also engages in speaking at events and on shows, and is featured in a variety of media outlets.

Brian Torchin’s facebook profile is simple, effective, and to the point. his posts are often several words only, and include the name of a health care position opening, and the location of the opening.

This strategy has helped doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers find jobs that are a good fit. Because of the problem that Brian Torchin noticed in the industry with connecting professionals to a career that would be a good fit for them, he also offers career counseling.

Glassdoor believes that Brian Torchin’s unique approach to staffing has gained him a great deal of attention lately. He has been featured on several media outlets including “Digital Journal”, “”, and “”. He shares his vies on how to hire, train and retain associates for medical professions. Torchin’s HCRC Staffing has a 200 clients, and is growing. His client base covers the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

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