Bruce Levenson and the University of Maryland Change Education by Showing Students to ‘Do Good’

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Businessman and philanthropist Bruce Levenson knows a thing or two about championing important causes and providing them the organizational structure needed to affect change. Along with the University of Maryland, his Do Good Institute will help undergrads figure out how to do the same.

The Do Good Institute intends to show college students, regardless of concentration of study, how to apply a sound business ethic to get causes that matter to them work for the people they’re intended to help. By applying the experience he’s obtained over a career in both business and philanthropy, Levenson and his wife were able to partner with the state of Maryland and allocate nearly $100 million in funding to get the program up and running. And already the Do Good Institute is showing just how effective it is in preparing these eager young people for the realities of philanthropic work.

Ben Simon, who took part of the Do Good Institute, went on to co-founded the Food Recovery Network. It helps to reduce food waste on campus, which mirrors Simon’s second enterprise, Imperfect Produce, which takes less-than-fresh fruits and vegetables and makes them available to people with lower incomes, limiting food waste and increasing the access to healthy foods for all.

Levenson sees success stories like Simon’s as proof that the Do Good Institute is well on its way to reaching to campuses across the country. With a more solid footprint, he hopes that it will bypass the threat of digitization that has changed the face of higher education and its ability to mobilize young people. By engaging them with the real world, philanthropic organizations have a better chance of being successful in meeting their goals.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of the United Communications Group, and after 40 years of servicing more than two million clients it has expanded to become one the largest business information companies in the world. According to, from 2004 to 2014 he was the Governor of basketball team the Atlanta Hawks.

Levenson has also spent a portion of his life serving charitable causes. He’s served as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation, and together with his wife Karen created the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership which is located at the University of Maryland.


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