David Osio: Introducing A Revolutionary Application

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According to a recent online article on PRNewsire.com, Davos Real Estate Group has launched a new mobile app. It was announced by David Osio and his executive directors, Gerard Gonalez and Pablo Bausili. The new app is called Davos CAP Caluculator, says the article. It allows users to estimate how much of a return they could receive from real estate investments in which they are interested.


For over twenty years, Davos Financial Group has advised their clients in financial matters. It is an international group that includes Davos Real Estate Group. The article says that this firm is one of the top of its kind for the Latin American market. They provide financial products and services that are tailored to their clients’ needs. Each service has a license and specialized team.


Tecknolution has been instrumental in creating this new app for half a year. Davos Executive Director, Gerad Gonzalez, has word side by side with Tecknolution, says the article.


It is available for Android and iPhone devices, the article says. It was also mentioned that other apps are in the developmental stages. They will have the ability to gather and present documentation about the real estate’s history. All of this can be sent to a Davos agent through interactive chat, says the article.


David Osio is quoted in the article as saying that this application was developed to help clients who are investing in United States real estate. Gerard Gonzalez says that the clients will have a better understanding of the real estate’s financial future. They can estimate things such as rent prices for projected income, says Gonzalez. Clients can also use the handy mortgage calculator and associated rate of interest, says the article.


The article talks about how Davis Real Estate Group has been working with European partnerships—especially with Spain. Gonzalez says that these new projects are key to providing the excellent service that the firm promises to their clients. According to statistics given in the article, Davos has increased their number of agents as well as their sales this year.


David Osio founded Davos Financial Group and is the Executive Director. He holds a degree in higher education from IESA. He also earned a degree in Portfolio Management from New York Institute of Finance. He got his law degree from a university in Venezuela.


He has worked in several financial positions over the years, including a management position in Banco Latino Internacional in Miami. Osio founded Davos Financial Group in 1993 and expanded it into several separately-licensed companies. His company focuses on international financial expertise for all of their clients.

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