Dr. Mark McKenna Explains His Success

Posted on January 2, 2018 By

Dr. Mark McKenna has been licensed by the State Board of Medical Examiners in both Georgia and Florida. He is someone who has the opportunity to serve as a doctor in those two states. In 2007, this man moved from New Orleans and made his home in Atlanta, Georgia to take on a new life. Ten years after that move, Dr. Mark McKenna became the founder and CEO of the company OVME. This company is one that he came up with, and it is one that is changing the world of elective healthcare in big ways. This man is a husband and a father, and he is someone who is committed to the work that he does.

When given the chance to explain how he got the idea for his company, Dr. Mark McKenna shared that he spent many years in the medical aesthetics industry. During the time that he spent working in that industry, he saw opportunities for things to be changed up. He saw things that could be done differently. He founded his company so that he could disrupt that world and change it for the better. When someone sees a need and they take on that need, they can do great things with their life and more

There are times when a person has to be alone and have some quiet time if they are going to do great things. If a person is going to continue to come up with good ideas and make those ideas work out, that person has to be able to get some time alone. Dr. Mark McKenna has shared that he spends time meditating each day. He has shared that the secret to his success is the fact that he not only sets active goals for himself, he also takes time alone to meditate in quiet.

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