Fabletics Goes against all the odds to Compete with Amazon

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It is never easy to get into any fashion brand when there are giants that control the markets. Take for instance the e-commerce fashion industry. Amazon is a giant online retailer that controls 20 percent of the online retail stores. Any company that wants to achieve online success should start by beating such giants. Kate Hudson has gone against the odds when her brand has competed with Amazon and achieved success. Kate Hudson is the founder and market leader of Fabletics. She has grown the company in three years and is currently worth $ 250 million. The company succeeded by focusing on its competitors and provided a better business strategy.

The current economy is changing fast. Companies have to reinvent their strategies to ensure that they are constantly up-to-date. Take for instance factors that influenced customer purchase. In the past, the main factors that led to the success of a company were factors like quality and affordability of a product. However, the changing markets have seen a shift in customer preferences. Customers today purchase from companies that promise a better experience and satisfaction. A brand should also have a proper brand recognition and creative product design. Many brands that succeed today have built their business strategy on these factors. Fabletics has succeeded by focusing on a better user experience. The membership experience offered by the company has made a better experience with shopping.

Another reason for Fabletics success is because the company has concentrated on reverse showrooming. Many companies have made huge losses from the showrooming business. It has impacted businesses negatively when they browse for products offline and move forth to purchase the items at discounted places in another company. Fabletics has reversed the business model to work in their favor. The brand has kept customers and ensured that they purchase through subscriptions. Fabletics has ensured that customers subscribe by providing discounts and offers to members. The result is that Fabletics has made shopping a lively experience. The company has portrayed a deep understanding of the markets, and they understand the strategies to success.

Sales increase through the reverse-showrooming. It ensures that customers from other companies can come and purchase from Fabletics. That is why Fabletics has managed to keep up with competitors and even beaten most of them. The brand has maintained a great deal of consistency with its service. Many consumers that have purchased from the firm have loved the entire shopping experience. They have indicated their pleasure several reviews available on the internet.

One cannot mention Fabletics success without referring to how it has taken on Amazon. Amazon currently controls a massive twenty percent of the entire online retail industry. The company has made it almost impossible for new companies to get in and achieve quick success. Fabletics got into the fashion industry by surprise and have since advanced their services. Fabletics is a leader in the activewear and sportswear industries. The company has expanded greatly by opening stores in the United Stores. The offline stores are meant to satisfy the needs of offline customers.


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