Fabletics Grows and Kate Hudson Continues to Expand This Brand

Posted on June 7, 2017 By

Kate Hudson knows how to promote a brand. She has proven that she is waiting to take charge with Fabletics. She is definitely building the brand that people are talking about, and that is just how she wanted it. She has done a ton of interviews for magazines like Marie Claire and CNBC. Hudson is getting the exposure that she needs because she is making a lot of changes. New stores are coming into play, and more people are impressed with the way that this company has transitioned from an e-commerce site to a lot more physical stores. Fabletics has become one of the most successful customers to connect consumers with affordable clothes that are much more stylish than the competition.


What Kate Hudson has done is build a brand where she has a say in the designs for what the clothes look like. She has a say on who comes on board for additional Fabletics styles of clothes. She has a part in the marketing process and everything else in between. She is someone that has role as an interpreter when it comes to what Fabletics is going to do next. That is the thing that has given her the ability to assess what the competition is doing and make improvements based on her own decisions.


Kate is not someone that is sitting in the background taking orders. She has proven that she has what it takes to create a successful brand, and she is willing to go the distance to promote the brand and open new stores. This may be something that lots of people may have never assumed they would see. Fabletics started off as an e-commerce store, and there were only a few physical stores in existence. It’s the growth of online consumers that has led this company to a place where hundreds of new stores can be opened. That is an amazing thing for Kate Hudson.


Fabletics has become the company that people are appreciative of because Kate just presents clothing in a much different way. Consumers have the ability to get access to unique clothes that are designed for comfort. She has an activewear line that she has presented through Fabletics, and she also contributes to many of the other designs for the leggings and athleisure wear. Kate Hudson is very adamant about building a brand that is durable and easy to workout in.