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Many seem to feel that scissors are the only tool used for cutting hair but hair stylist also use straight razors to accomplish certain looks. Traditionally razors are also known as shaving tools. There are a few great benefits from using a straight razor. They can be used by barbers to get a close shave and to provide the maximum amount of hair volume when cutting hair. Straight razors often give a more satisfying result than other salon cutting tools like cutting shears and electric clippers. The look is more natural because hair is cut to the shape of a person’s facial structure.


Donald Scott offers hair cutting tools that help stylist with creating a hassle-free clean cut. The carving comb helps stylist by allowing them to be able to section the hair as a guide. Donald Scott created the chopstick Pro Liquid Tool Glide spray to help prepare the hair by allowing the straight razor ( to glide through the hair. The different carving combs created help shape hair into different styles. Regardless of the look the combs help achieve desired styles. Donald Scott has helped revolutionize how stylist cut hair by making their hair cutting experience easier and more cleaner.

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