Help, I am Underwater

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There are consumer protection that protects consumers for virtually every product sold in our economy. However, this is not the case in many cities and municipalities for the automobile business on any level. this lack of protection holds true for lemon law protections against purchasing a defective product or even in the financing of new and used vehicles. Because of this lack of protection, the industry is rife with deceptive trade practices. Even when these practices do not rise to the level of litigation, they can produce definite hardships for those that encounter these types of situations without much recourse available. In financing, this means that deals that may seem beneficial in financing the vehicle and have a burdensome outcome on those that purchase these vehicles. This happens to be case with me. I purchased the car that was seemingly a good deal turned out to produce a very high monthly note.


Additionally, the research I performed revealed that the car was also overpriced greatly. But because the pressure of the pushy salesman and my need for a vehicle, I accepted a deal that has become detrimental to the financial stability of my family. Sometimes these financial issues have caused me to have to drive without insurance because not getting to work is not an option. It also causes me to go without necessary repairs further devaluing the already overpriced car. Before there were viable Internet options, there was no way to get from under these repressive financing schemes. Banks and credit unions almost never offered an option to refinance the vehicle on better terms. Additionally, the financing arm of many companies and standalone financing companies have never offered a solution to cash strapped customers under repressive financing schemes or afforded them the ability to refinance their loans in any way that would benefit the customer after the initial financing of the vehicle.


This is where I stood until I started to research ways online to reduce my payments. Many of the companies in which I researched had nefarious reviews and unverifiable references, and I was wary not to be had again by any finance company in an effort to slash my payments. However in this research, I did find an online company with great reviews and a verifiable history of customer satisfaction. The people at were very eager to help. Additionally, ignition financial has customer service that is second to none. Their customer service agents and loan representatives first put my mind at ease and then gave me confidence in their ability to refinance my loan quickly.




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  1. Jaelynn Leland says:

    You are under water and you can use a computer and type with is saying you need help under water, well continue there is now help. Trust me in the financial sense, this is really as distressing as being under serious threat. However, the good part is that the physical element will make the refinancing idea work.

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