John Goullet and Diversant Continue to Provide Staffing and Solutions for a Diversified Workforce

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Diversant is the largest IT staffing firm in the United States owned by African-Americans and is nationally certified as an MBE (Minority-owned Business Enterprise). The company offers skilled staffing solutions for IT positions and assists companies with their diversity issues and concerns. Their strength is in helping others as they promote greater diversity in the workforce and determine how to maintain a qualified staff of talent for placement into positions that will benefit both the company and the employee.

John Goullet is the Chairman and Principal of Diversant and is known for his achievements in IT sector development. He graduated from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania in 1983 and worked as an entrepreneur and IT consultant prior to becoming involved in IT staffing. He eventually founded a staffing agency that became one of the fastest growing privately-owned firms in the country. The business was focused on helping Fortune 500 companies find solutions for their corporate needs. In 2010 John Goullet oversaw the merger of his company with Diversant.

Goullet remained with Diversant after the merger to continue his goal of developing methods to help IT services with common challenges and to guarantee they are staffed effectively. These steps help the companies Diversant works with to evolve along with a business world that is always changing. His leadership skills have proven to be beneficial to Diversant as the company continues to be a force in the IT sector.

The relationship between Goullet and Diversant is successful because both adhere to many of the same business principles. They know that the strongest workforce is one that is diverse and they believe that everyone deserves the same level of quality service whether they are working with staff, consultants, clients or partners.

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