Julie Zuckerberg Atop The Field Of Talent Acquisition

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Julie Zuckerberg is a woman who has never let anything step in the way of her being a success. At the current stage in her professional life, Julie Zuckerberg is at the top of her career in the field of human resources and recruitments. As of right now, Julie is working as the talent acquisition lead at Deutsche Bank at its central office in New York City. Julie is considered as one of the most notable and prestigious members in the field.


At Deutsche Bank, Julie leads her team of experienced talent recruitment professionals, who have also been trained by her. Julie has extremely high standards for the work that she does and expects the people who are working under her to meet her high expectations. She is also known to assist the top level management at Deutsche Bank with whatever help they need regarding recruitments and human resources. She also helps the executives of the country with their negotiations with all the clients that Deutsche Bank partners with. She helps the company make decisions which can benefit the organization as well as the employees, to maintain a good and healthy working environment.


Julie Zuckerberg has been working with Deutsche Bank since 2013 and since starting to work here, has had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the corporate world. Her contribution to Deutsche Bank has been tremendous, and she has significantly contributed to the overall development of the company. She has also been responsible for undertaking all the training of employees that goes on at Deutsche Bank. She has helped their employees grow and develop their leadership and managerial skills which may help them progress further in their careers.


Through the course of her career, Julie has worked with numerous clients, helping place employees in the right jobs to benefit both them and the companies that they work for. Her team of recruiters has always been by her side, assisting her in all her recruitment matters, and handling all the operations on the day of the interviews.Because of the wide array of companies that Julie has worked with, she has come across some distinguished members of respective fields, which have all contributed to the overall professional development she has today. Right from advertising to finance, Julie has helped place employees in almost any sector that one can think of.


Julie Zuckerberg has been working in the field of recruitments and talent acquisition for the past fifteen years. Her first job soon after graduating was at Hudson, where she was tasked with placing lawyers and paralegals in offices across New York City. She has been particularly good at this job because she pursued a degree in law from New York Law College before she had a change of career and entered the field of talent acquisition and recruitments.


Julie is a lover of the arts and loves to take part in the different cultural events that the city has. She is an animal lover and an advocator of equality and human rights.



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