Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Changing the Face of Showrooming and Fashion E-commerce

Posted on August 1, 2017 By

By the close of 2016, Fabletics had grown its worth to over $250 million after only about three years in the fashion ecommerce market. The active wear brand operating within the American market is the first brand to give Amazon a real run for its money. This growth is highly attributed to its cofounders: Kate Hudson and Don Ressler. The former brought her aggressiveness while the latter came with his managerial prowess, with the two combined becoming the driving wheel that is taking the brand far and wide.


Marketing Models


Being a subsidiary of JustFab, Fabletics has borrowed quite substantially from the parent brand in terms of marketing and customer services. It uses a membership subscription model that has successfully wooed clients its way. The model works best in making customers feel more attached to the brand as well as in taking customer convenience and service to an all high level. The adoption of this model is in line with the realization of the changes technology has brought to customer tastes, needs, and preferences whenever they do their shopping. Today, clients attach more value to the quality of service they receive than in traditional factors, such as commodity price.


Gamification is another strategy that Fabletics has used over the last three years, and that has given it an edge over its competitors. On top of going online, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has opened a good number of physical stores. By 2016, the brand had opened almost 20 stores and was in the process of opening more.




Instead of using showrooming as a marketing strategy, Fabletics opted for a more improved version of it- reverse showrooming. Unlike in showrooming where one is not guaranteed of 100 percent conversion of prospective customers to actual clients, reverse showrooming guarantees that. As for the case of Fabletics, about half of the clients who browse for its clothing products offline eventually become long-term customers. On the other hand, about a half of the remaining half becomes members immediately they set feet in any of the physical stores.




Earlier this year, Demi Lovato, a renowned pop artist, commented on the role of Kate Hudson in revolutionizing Fabletics. According to Demi, Kate’s job at Fabletics has transformed the lives of many women through empowering and inspiring them to do great things. She was particularly amazed by the much Kate has achieved in business despite the fact that she had no entrepreneurial history.


As for Kate, she encourages women to buy clothing from her brand by wearing them herself. Through engaging in Lifestyle Quiz, clients can get a better understanding of the varieties offered by Fabletics.