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The economy is rapidly recovering, and many businesses are looking to hire new and brilliant leaders. These leaders will help companies stay on the right track, so they can grow in a sustainable fashion. The hardware industry is growing rapidly as well, because many people are looking to buy their first home or renovate the home they are already in. There are numerous quality business leaders within the hardware store industry, but Kenneth Goodgame is probably the brightest star in the industry.

Kenneth started his career by receiving a degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. After graduating from Tennessee, Kenneth immediately accepted an offer from The Home Depot. At Home Depot, Kenneth held several roles. He started as a product merchant in the gardening section. He increased same-store sales by twenty percent. Eventually, Kenneth became a Senior Global Product Merchant where he oversaw the ordering of various products. Kenneth spent eight years with Home Depot and he loved every moment.

After spending eight years with The Home Depot, Kenneth took on a role with Newell Rubbermaid. He excelled at the company, turning their cleaning sector around and eventually working his way up to a Senior Vice President role. Kenneth left a brilliant legacy behind, but he had a new opportunity he had to take.

Kenneth took a job with Techtronic in 2008. He helped the Baja Motorsports division reach new highs as president. Eventually, he left to go back to the Hardware industry at Ace Hardware. He served as General Merchandising Manager and he had a tremendous impact on the company. True Value was looking for a new Senior Vice President, and he accepted the job with them in 2013. Kenneth’s job performance has already had a major impact on the company.

Goodgame is a tremendous talent. His willingness to work hard has helped him reach new levels of success. He is a major name in the hardware store industry.

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    He is managing over $2 billion in global purchasing while overhauling the entire company. Sales are up, and True Value is extremely happy with the results he has brought. It is important that I write my essay and also make sure all these things come to pass too.

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