Knowing Securus Technologies In A Better Way

Posted on October 6, 2017 By

Securus Technologies prides itself on providing investigative tools to jail authorities so that they can conduct investigations in case there is any complaint about harassment or some kind of potential threat to the security of that prison or even the community. This becomes possible as Securus Technologies provides huge data backup. Due to this, it can playback the calls being made to and by jail inmates. This gives a fairly good idea about any contraband coming in or any firearms or drugs being used inside the facility. With such type of data available, it becomes possible to nail the culprit. Besides, many times insiders are involved. This is the best way to identify them. In fact, prison authorities have managed to issue summons and catch the culprits red-handed this way. This way the crimes are stopped even before they happen. In this way, Securus Technologies has made prisons as well as public spaces much safer.


I have notices how jail authorities call up Securus Technologies while they are in the middle of any investigation. They ask about their covert alert feature. They have used this feature to identify the suspect and take the person into custody.


Many times suspicious calls are listened to. This is because inmates may be informing about any crime that may have taken place in the past. Such past cases may get solved due to invaluable information being passed around through the inmate calls. There are conversations that can be instrumental in resolving cases this way.


The LBS software from Securus Technologies has always attracted a lot of attention. It is used along with other law enforcement tools leading to a recovery of millions in the form of illegal assets, or drugs or even cash. In this way, Securus Technologies has made things easier for the authorities.



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