Livio Bisterzo is the Creator of the Successful Hippeas Brand

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Livio Bisterzo came up with a revolutionary idea of developing a better-for-you brand, a tasty snack that meets the nutrition needs of consumers. He mobilized his team of professionals and they worked tirelessly to put the idea into action. The outcome of their efforts is a new product named Hippeas, tasty organic chickpea puffs, which are gluten-free, kosher, protein rich (3grams), 100 calories each pack, and an amazing source of fiber. Bisterzo and his team of experts had to design a snack for the socially and health conscious consumers.

Grab-and-go snack

Hippeas is now a grab-and-go snack available for purchase at Starbucks. Its dual flavors (Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar) are available in over 7,500 Starbucks location throughout the U.S. The snack is gaining an instant popularity, especially from the young consumers.


Bisterzo has been an innovator in the natural and health food sector for seven years. He began closely working with a firm that specializes in innovating new food in May 2015. His main mission was to create Hippeas. After a series of product designing and consumer testing, they had a finished product on their hands. They began working with chickpeas as the main ingredient and worked tirelessly to attain the right shape, bite, taste, and texture. According to Bisterzo, his main aim was to create a snack that does not divert away from what consumers love and one they will be confident to purchase. Although he is very pleased with the success Hippeas product has amassed, Bisterzo is equally happy of the product’s social mission. Hippeas has collaborated with Farm Africa and it will be financially supporting East African-based chickpea farmers.

Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneurial mind behind Green Park Holding, an exceptional food innovation firm in the nutrition and health industry that is growing tremendously. The firm creates and designs consumer brands that meet the health needs of consumers. Under Bisterzo’s leadership, Green Park creates, expands, and invests in revolutionary internationally recognized better-for-you consumer brands. Currently, the entrepreneur resides in Los Angeles together with his family.

Bisterzo is an alumnus of esteemed University of the Arts that is headquartered in London. He started entrepreneurship in 2003 after establishing an event business. Then, he created a diversified business portfolio consisting of consumer brands (Little Miracles, Kyoku for Men), lifestyle businesses, and hospitality brands (Pollen St, Maddox Club).

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