Madison Street Capital, The Trusted Investment Banking Firm

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Madison Street Capital reputation is at the highest in the investment banking industry. They pride themselves on excellence, integrity and leadership. Their focus is providing the best service and experience when dealing with privately and publicly held businesses. They understand that time sensitivity is important and it is essential that they respond quickly and tenaciously. Their approach creates finance transactions where both the investors and business owners mutually benefit. Here are some of the areas of Madison Capital’s Expertise:


* Capital Restructuring

* Bankruptcy Services

* Mergers and Acquisitions

* Reorganization Services

* Buy Out Advisory

* Private Placements

* Tax Compliance

* Company Valuation

* Share Based Compensation

* Structured Finance Products

* Purchase Price Allocations

* Solvency and Capital Adequacy

* Independent 3rd Party Fairness Opinions

* Financial Sponsor Coverate

* Business Exit Planning

* Tax Planning

* Portfolio Valuation Seervices

* Wealth Building


Madison Street Capital focuses on middle market firms that are looking for flexible funding solutions. They look at their diverse funding sources that include mezzanine lenders, commercial banks, angel investors, asset-based lenders, private equity groups and venture capital groups. Madison Street Capital has executed financing that has targeted funding for startup situations, established firms and for early stage businesses. Their team of professionals are experienced in accounts receivable financing, growth capital, working capital, debt restructuring and consolidation, management buyouts, mergers and acquisitions as well as financing ESOP, equity, mezzanine and debt financing arrangements.


ESOP is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan that allows employees to become beneficiaries of some of the company stock. Madison Street Capital has served as advisor on dozens of ESOP transactions. They are the number one investment firm that has the knowledge to provide their expert opinion on your firm’s potential ESOP. They also differ from their competitors when it comes to bankruptcy administration. They can provide efficient administration of bankruptcy claims, reconciliation services and management to companies that are in bankruptcy. Their team has the credentials to negotiate, manage and analyze your situation to get you the best result.


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