Nathaniel Ru Creates a Fancy Food Culture

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Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and CEO of Sweetgreen, a fast-casual salad chain that is quickly taking over the fast food industry. Nathaniel was born in 1985. In 2007, Nathaniel graduated from McDonough School of Business with a BS in Finance. In the University, Nathaniel used to find it difficult to locate a fancy place where he and his friends could enjoy a healthy meal. Driven by the urge to create a simple but amazing restaurant, Nathaniel and two of his friends set out to work on the opportunity. Fresh from campus, it was hard to sell their idea to anyone. Luckily, in 2007, one of the landlords in Georgetown saw a potential in their idea and offered them some space in her apartment after insisting for long.


Currently, Sweetgreen has grown to over 40 locations in six states, and the CEO assures that soon they will be establishing new locations on the West Coast. Nathaniel Ru, Sweetgreen’s CEO utters that seeing their vision prosper has been the best thing in his life. Most of their customers refer to Sweetgreen as the home of food that fits their taste, values imaginations and most importantly their budget.


Over time, Sweetgreen has managed to win the trust of many clients who always flock their various locations. Nathaniel Ru insists that their open kitchen systems have boosted their sales and customers trust since all their customers are in a position to witness how the meals get prepared and ingredients used. Apart from offering meals, Nathaniel, and his partners introduced music lifestyle in their fast casuals. According to the CEO, good music creates an emotional connection, and that was the trick to winning more flow. In 2010, Nathaniel and his team launched a music festival dubbed ‘sweetlife,’ one of the largest music and food event. The festival pulls in more than 20000 people who not only come to enjoy the music from high-profile artists, but also get a chance to taste meals from the top chefs and the local farmer’s products.


Nathaniel and his partners have received numerous accreditation based on their fancy but advantageous mode of operation. They have been featured in Forbes not forgetting the Washington Post, USA Today Food & Wine among other big platforms. Unlike other restaurants who request the local farmers to grow particular crops, Sweetgreen asks for what the farmers have hence reducing food waste and supporting the farmers.




  1. Jaylin Chace says:

    The fast casual has always remained faithful to its promises which are to offer a healthy, delicious and eco-friendly meals to the community. Their first restaurant was located in the heart of Georgetown and was focused sustainability and local sourcing. It is imperative that can and for most of the time get along with what they have and it makes complete sense to me that way.

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