Nathaniel Ru Is Making Sweetgreen A 9 Figure Success

Posted on December 10, 2017 By

Nathaniel Ru didn’t get his reputation as one of the country’s most amazing young entrepreneur for nothing. He has proven himself through his fast food chain Sweetgreen. This fast food chain has managed to make $95 million in a matter of a few years while giving the fast food industry an entirely new way of thinking about the cuisine it serves.

Millennials in general are changing everything around them, but this is something in a league of its own. For once we will now associate fast food with good health. His work was cut out for him but Nathaniel Ru has managed to come out on top.

All In A Salad

The most amazing thing about Sweetgreen is that just about everything on the menu is a salad. The key to making it work is to give customers a variety of vegetables to choose from.

There are tomatoes, radishes, and baby brusselsprouts to name a few, but the menu stays fresh due to the insistence on seasonal menus. The menu changes with the season and fans of the restaurant must wait before they are finally able to enjoy certain meals.

A Little Something For Everyone

The best thing about Sweetgreen is that Nathaniel understand the need for Millennials to have a business that accurately reflected their desire for social change and for companies to make a difference. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Sweetgreen is doing just that by making sure the proceeds go towards charities that fight world hunger and by giving musicians a platform to improve the world around them. So far, the strategy seems to be working and has made Sweetgreen one of the most popular brands among Millennials. That success has the potential to turn this into something much greater than it is now.

Building On Success

Ru has certainly made this company into something to watch, but he’s far from done. He wants to make sure that America changes the way it thinks about fast food and what it needs to do for its health.

That’s exactly what appears to be happening with Sweetgreen. Other companies are looking at the success of Sweetgreen and are trying to find a way to emulate the success for themselves. If this influence continues the story of Sweetgreen will be thought of as the model for fast food to use in general. Only time will tell if that happens.