Omar Boraie: From Immigrant to Mogul

Posted on November 24, 2017 By

Recently, the Philly Purge published an article about a development in New Brunswick. The city in New Jersey is something many people may be inclined to overlook, but the article made it easier for people to understand what was going on in the city. For years, the city was terrible and had a lot of crime. It was not somewhere people would go to visit and was certainly not somewhere people would want to move to. Things have changed though and the Philly Purge believes it has something to do with Omar Boraie. He is responsible for the shift in the New Brunswick environment.

When Sam Boraie first came to the United States, he needed a way to make his life sustainable. He lived in New Brunswick and saw all the issues that were happening in the city. He decided he was going to make his life better while he was also making his city better. The way he would do it would develop the city into something people could enjoy no matter what they liked to do. Boraie knew it was the best idea so he continued to stick with it even when people doubted what he was doing.

Omar Boraie bought his first property in New Brunswick that he was going to develop. It was run down and had major issues, but he didn’t care. He was going to turn it into something even better than what the city had ever seen. According to, Boraie wanted to make sure he was prepared for it though so he waited to stop developing until he was able to buy the whole block. At that point, many people were really worried about his sanity because all of the buildings on the block were in poor shape with little hope for being redeemed.

Since Boraie knew what he was doing, he got to work right away on making the buildings better. Now, they are part of what is the most exclusive development in the city. People try their best to get into the development, but there is a waitlist. Omar Boraie knew he could do it even though people had a lot of doubt in him. He knew there were many things he would need to do, but creating the development was one of the best things he did because it is now the most popular (and expensive) developments in the entire city of New Brunswick. Read more on

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