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Patty Rocklage the psychotherapist is a wife to Dr. Scott Rocklage a PhD graduate of chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She resides with her husband in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase

Patty Rocklage graduated from the university of Southern California in 1981 with degrees in psychology and is a registered psychotherapist in the state of Massachusetts (1043 Massachusetts).

Patty Rocklage also has over 20 years of vast experience in her profession specializing in relationship issues, family conflicts, women’s issues and specifically deals with adoption, child or adolescent, divorce, life coaching and life transition. This qualities have placed her among the best psychotherapist in the world.

In her offers of marriage and family counselling, she has a warm and inviting style which puts her clients at ease and more focused on the changes they are expected to implement. This has helped many families, couples and individuals face their challenges. Patty Rocklage over the years has been envied by many for a job well done. Her academic qualifications and experience has enabled her bring so many families back together despite their differences and work has a team in saving their marriages. Read more: Twitter Rocklage | Twitter and Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

In her profession as a psychotherapist, Patty Rocklage has gained many invaluable skills such as coaching, team building, teaching and public speaking. Through these skills, she has helped many clients achieve personal growth as well as build their confidence.

Apart from her professional duties, she is a strong believer in the importance of her community. She enjoys community outreach activities and is dedicated to giving back this community.

She is also blessed with a charitable husband dr. Scott Rocklage who together with her on July 18, 2016 made a major contribution to the renovation of the Nanotechnology and Nanochemistry lab which is used by the Lester Wolfe Professor of chemistry Moungi Bawendi at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s chemistry department.

Patty Rocklage also helps Southern Sudanese who relocated to Massachusetts through Sudanese Education Fund which enables them find stable jobs and achieve financial and educational stability. Being an accomplished psychotherapist, she keeps her client’s struggles confidential and she connects with them in a meaningful way.

Patty Rocklage always ensures that she can easily be reached by her client whenever they need help by giving out her contacts.

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