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You cannot have a discussion on staffing solutions without discussing Brian Torchin or his organization, the HCRC staffing. He has managed to revolutionize the healthcare employment sector by offering the job solutions to the different candidates interested in joining the healthcare system.

He is the managing partner of the company. For the last ten years that he has been the CEO of the company, he has managed to propel the company to great success. They cater to both the candidates and also the employers. If you are an employer, the company will be in a position to find you the right staff with 72 hours.

Based in Philadelphia, the company caters to all the 50 States and also other continents including Europe, Asia, and Australia. They have also established their presence in Australia.

The interesting part is that they cater to all different people including; Physician Assistant, dentists, medical doctors of all specialists just to mention a few.

Colleagues and also clients have described the Brian Torchin as a man who gives comprehensive solutions. Being a detail-oriented person, Brian has managed to provide solutions to their different clients even in the toughest of the economy. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

It is his ability to create long-term relationship with his clients that has enabled him to stay relevant in his line of business for all these years. What has enabled him to achieve success is his respect for his clients. Yes, he tries to advise them on the way to go, but he does that while upholding their personal beliefs.

What you will admire about him is his team spirit. He has managed to stay a team player and be engaged with the day to day activities of the company for all those years.

According to Glassdoor, Before Brian Torchin co-founded the firm, he was working for the Practice management as the director of medical marketing.

He received his Bachelor degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. He also attended the New York Chiropractic College. In addition to being a successful CEO, he has also published different journals.

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