Sawyer Howitt: A Future Racquetball Star

Posted on April 19, 2017 By

Racquetball is an inherently difficult sport to master. While some of the elements within it are similar to Tennis, Ping-Pong, or Squash, Racquetball is a unique sport that takes balance, agility, and intelligence. The unique combination of skills it takes to succeed in Racquetball limits the individuals who will succeed in the sport. One such individual who has all the requisite skills to succeed in Racquetball and is likely a future star in the sport is Sawyer Howitt from the Racquetball Club in Portland, Oregon.

While the majority of Sawyer Howitt’s experience in Racquetball has been in the Oregon State High School ranks, Sawyer Howitt has all the requisite skills to be a future star in the sport. With his combination of intelligence, and athletic ability it is only a matter of time until Sawyer Howitt makes a splash on the national and perhaps the international Racquetball scenes. It will truly be a joy to watch Sawyer Howitt progress in the world of Racquetball in the months and years to come.