Securus Technologies: Connecting Families Everyday

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Thanks to Securus Video visitation, correctional inmates and their families do not have to worry about missing special moments in life. Video conferencing goes beyond just chatting on the phone. In their advertisement video, Securus shows an inmate enjoying a birthday party with his family. He could see everyone gathered in the room and could talk with them. He got to see a puppy, which was the new family pet.

According to some studies, inmates who have strong communication with friends and loved ones while incarcerated are less likely to end up behind bars again. Securus Video visitation is great for holidays and any special event in the inmates’ family lives. The visitation can be done via smart phone or any other compatible mobile device.

Securus Technologies works across the nation to provide communication links with correctional inmates and their families. They work with jails, prisons, and other correctional institutions. They also provide monitoring technology for these places.

When inmates call family and friends, the charges are reversed. Securus Technologies has special accounts that can be set up for families to receive calls and video visitation. This company keeps their clients in mind and has reasonable per-minute pricing within state and federal guidelines. Because of Securus Technologies’ innovative technology, inmates will not miss out on their families’ lives.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.


  1. Fred Bright says:

    They can virtually be at holiday gatherings, weddings, and parties. They can see their loved ones’ faces and react with them. It is a service that brings healing to both inmates and their families. That is why do have all that is needed in this regard.

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