Securus Technologies: Making Correctional Institutions Safer From the Inside Out

Posted on February 12, 2018 By

Securus Technologies is the largest provider of criminal justice technology in North America. The company provides technology that can be used in correctional institutions, investigations and monitoring. They have a wide variety of patented technologies including the Cell Defender technology. This technology is essential in locating and controlling cell phone use inside of a correctional facility. This technology has become essential in correctional institutions, where cell phones have become one of the most popular forms of contraband being smuggled into the correctional facility. Securus Technologies also has a Wireless Containment Solution. This solution prevents any unauthorized cell phones from connecting to wireless internet or from even making outgoing calls.


Securus recently shared a press release that featured a variety of testimonials submitted by real vendors that used Securus Technologies. Before reading this release, I never realized what a danger cell phone use inside prisons could be. Access to making unmonitored phone calls can lead to inmates being able to be an accessory to a crime or manage crime rings even when they are incarcerated. Access to cell phones can also lead to wireless connection if uncontained. This can lead to a huge amount of potential for crime.


My favorite testimonial shared how Securus Technologies helped put a criminal away through its phone monitoring technology. In the testimonial, Securus monitored an inmate who was having a phone conversation with his brother, who was not incarcerated. In the call the inmate can be heard pleading with his brother to give him a fake alibi during the time the crime was committed. The brother apparently had never committed a crime in his life. If he did lie about the alibi, charges could have been brought against him as well. The cell phone recording was submitted as evidence and the prosecution used it to convict the inmate of the crime.


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