Securus Technology Enhances Safety Measures Through its Drone Detection Technology

Posted on March 22, 2018 By

Securus Technologies launched their pilot programs which are created to detect drone activities that occur within correctional institutions.

Officials from correction facilities found out that drones are being utilized to ferry in illegal contrabands of various nature into prisons such as weapons, drugs, and cell phones. The drone detection technology is new, but the different teams at Securus Technologies are working together with various partners who specialize in technology to be able to discern the requirements on how to implement, install, and engineer pilot programs on drone detection.

Resembling all forms of new technology, the drone detection technology will get better over time after adequate resources, investment, and trials have been done to improve it. Securus collaborates closely with officials from correction facilities who are likewise determined to stop the delivery of dangerous contrabands through drone transport.

The drone detection utilizes a DAS or digital antennae structure which is more or less the same as the WCS (wireless containment solution). A spokesman for Securus Technologies said that the company’s experience in investigative systems had assisted them to collaborate with their partners in detection to enhance the drone detection technology.

The issue of drones in correctional facilities poses a severe danger to the security of correction officers as well as other inmates who could get hurt and abused because of the contraband that was transported inside the facility.

The regularity of drone occurrences shows that the individuals or group who are trying to evade prevailing measures of security so they can deliver the contraband to inmates have become more innovative. These people or groups will incorporate means and ways to get contraband goods into the hands of inmates. So, the presence of a drone detection technology is a significant means to address the issue for the safety of people.

In its recent awards ceremony, The Stevie Awards presented the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service to Securus Technology. Securus has been a three-time winner of the cited award-winning a bronze, silver, and gold.

Securus Technologies’ development of the drone detection system and having the won awards demonstrates that the company is continuously evolving for the better regarding creating a new technology that is meant to keep everyone safe and prevent inmates from organizing and performing a crime.

The main office of Securus Technologies is situated in Carrolton, Texas and is currently providing service to over 3,500 corrections agencies, law enforcement, and public safety entities not to mention more than 1,200,000 prisoners within North America.

Securus Technologies has always been devoted to assist by providing the following services: government payment services, monitoring of products and services, self-service for inmates, information management, communication, biometric analysis, investigation, public information, incident management, and emergency response.

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