Securus Vows to Defeat Contraband Cell Phone Access Through WCS

Posted on December 14, 2017 By

A three-and-a-half minute video circulated on Facebook Live recently. The man in question, Jose Ariel Rivera, is in the video ranting and holding a knife in his possession. Authorities caught wind of the video after it generated buzz on the internet. The video occurred at Evans Correctional Institution in South Carolina.


Miami native Robert Johnson was responsible for blocking contraband cell phones totaling $50,000 from entering Lee’s Correctional Facility in South Carolina. An inmate retaliated by shooting the now ex-corrections officer six times in his home, nearly killing him. Johnson, alive and well, is on a mission to end cell phone contraband permanently. Meanwhile, Sean Echols, arrested and convicted, is the man responsible for shooting Johnson in his home. The police mentioned Echols was a contract killer hired by someone in prison to kill him. Johnson recalled another incident where a contract killer contacted via contraband cell phone killed a baby because the baby’s uncle did something they didn’t approve.


These issues represent troubling times behind bars. Cell phones with access to the outside world enter countless prisons and jails, and there’s nothing official and staff members can do to stop it. For every detour found by personnel, inmates find a different avenue to gain cell phone access, retaliate, or both. At Securus Technologies, we emphasize and sympathize with Robert Johnson, correctional personnel in South Carolina, and correctional personnel across the USA and Canada. We are equally proud to say Robert Johnson will help us combat this issue by working for us at Securus as a consultant. Additionally, our latest technology will aid in ending cell phone access inside prison walls.


WCS, or Wireless Containment Solutions, goes through a selective process with phone calls. Facility-approved phone numbers and local/state government numbers (including 911) will go through as normal. Unauthorized phone numbers are blocked. Blocked phone numbers lose cell phone carrier access and Wi-Fi access. Without a carrier, inmates can’t make calls. Without Wi-Fi, inmates cannot access the internet. It doesn’t stop contraband cell phone smuggling, but it does render the cell phone useless. In fact, this technology prevented over 1.7 million illegal calls in our eight-facility test run. While the FCC passed a law preventing phone calls from being jammed or blocked, they will collaborate with us. The FCC will make this technology accessible to all correctional facilities by reducing paperwork and insisting phone carriers’ cooperation with this problem.


In closing, there’s a reason Securus is the leading provider of jail and prison technology. We aim to be on the right side of history. Our proven record of accomplishment shows that we won’t stop until the public and incarceration personnel are safe. The technology we offer aims to do just that.


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