The Many Talents Of Eric Pulier

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Some people are lucky enough to have many talents. They may be good at many things from writing to earning money to public speaking. Such is the case for author, philanthropist and businessman Eric Pulier. Pulier has many talents that he is often called on to demonstrate during the course of any given week. His talents allow him to engage in many varied activities of all kinds and have helped to give a full and pleasing life. He is proud that can be of use to those who need him and admire his work. He is also pleased at his ability to convey ideas in writing and speak out to groups of people from differing backgrounds quite well.

Many Businesses

Among his many talents, include a knack for business. His ability to help discover new business ventures of all kinds has led him to discover many great business ideas. His work in this field has focused on many field but primarily technology in particular. He firmly believes that technology has the power to change people’s lives for the better. This is why he aims to find business ventures he can back that are based on technological innovations. His companies include Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone and many others. It is his insights into the nature of business that have helped make such ventures a success.

The Painted Turtle

When not helping to create many new business ventures, Pulier is actively involved in many kinds of important charities.  The Painted Turtle is a special summer camp, Here, children with chronic illnesses can gather each summer to enjoy a stress-free time with their peers. Children are given the chance to attend the summer camp via many means including scholarships that Pulier has helped establish and fund. As the father of four children that he adores, he is well aware of the need to provide fun for kids each summer.

Building Business

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