Todd Lubar – A Successful Serial Entrepreneur with Great Skills

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Todd Lubar is a leading businessman who does not know how to stop. His success over the years has been attributed to his ‘go’ attitude that allowed him to venture out into a number of different industries and still be successful. His first love, however, remains the mortgage industry and he loves to provide the best lending options to his clients based on their needs. He believes in explaining the pros and cons of the different options and advises them on the best ones for them. He makes clients for life and do not believe in making one time transaction. He is always learning about the newest lending options so that he can provide the best options to his clients that are beneficial to them.

According to, Todd Lubar completed his schooling from the top schools in the country. He attended the Sidwell School and the Peddie School; both are among the top private schools with exceptional faculty. He also has a bachelor’s degree in communication from Syracuse University that has allowed him to build long-term relationships with his clients and his partners in the industry. His first job was at the Crestar Mortgage where he learned about the lending industry first hand. He became a lending officer and in a few months learned and mastered the different lending options allowing him to become the top sales representative for the company, more details can be found on LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar then worked with many other loan companies where his sales volumes were quite impressive. He soon became known for his skills, and HR department of different companies called him daily with job offers. It was then that he decided to do something of his own and started his company Legendary Properties. He soon added another company to his resume and started Charter Funding which in less than a couple of years became the largest mortgage companies in the country. He also has stocks in many other companies in different industries like recycling, real estate, and night clubs. He is currently the President of the TDL Global Ventures that he developed in 2013.

One thing that Todd Lubar has learned from the real estate and the lending industry is that nothing can be taken for granted. He advises his juniors that one has to be open to accepting changes and learns skills that will help them sail through difficult times. He is also a great speaker and has been called upon to share his experience with students.

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