USHEALTH Advisors Employees Make A Positive Difference In Local Communities

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Randy Hildebrandt had a dream. He wanted to emulate one of the greatest baseball players in history: Ryan Nolan. He seemed to be on track to do so. He had become the star pitcher of his High School team. Everyone who saw his performance on the mound was impressed by it. He got a lot of looks by the talent scouts who passed through town. Everything appeared to be going his way. However, the physical strain of the game wore him down, and he blew out his shoulder in his senior year.

That spelled the end of his dream of entering the Major Leagues. But Ryan was still determined to do big things in life. He went to Texas A&M and majored in business. His interest in the field was very limited, but he thought it was a good way to earn money immediately and get a solid start in a new career. View more USHealth Advisors Careers and Jobs at

After graduating from college, he went to work as an insurance salesman. He did not warm to the job immediately. In fact, he doubted his ability to do it well. However, a number of mentors gave him the opportunity to learn the profession and he soon began to thrive. The thing that made the biggest difference was his discovery that he had made the wrong assumptions about insurance sales. His job was not to sell insurance; it was to help people protect themselves against the negative consequences of accidents and death.

In 2012, Ryan went over to USHEALTH. It was quite a gamble. He was doing quite well in the company that he had first worked for and might have done even better. But a long and intimate conversation with USHEALTH CEO Troy McQuagge convinced him that he had made the right move.

Ryan liked Troy personal and respected his vision for the company. He was especially excited to work with the Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) program. The HOPE program has helped rebuild the homes of storm victims in New Orleans. Company executives have also given thousands of dollars to local charities that help children who are homeless and who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Like many USHEALTH employees, Ryan wanted a chance to dedicate his energies and talents to important humanitarian work throughout the country.

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