Well Known Female Entrepreneur Empowers Other Women To Greatness

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Doe Deere is well known for her Lime Crime cosmetic line, but she is committed to the empowerment of women around the world. Her bold makeup aims to give women and guys around the world the freedom of being their own unique individual. Deere was awarded the 2016 female entrepreneur of the year award for her cosmetics, but she is also a successful marketing analyst and technology expert. Doe Deere admits to having an unconventional way of thinking and says, it contributed to her success. She also admits that she has always had a need for bright colors.


Brief Bio On Doe Deere


She is from Russia and began her marketing career by popularizing novelty tattoos among her friends by wearing them. Deere learned how to successfully market her items and was glad to have products that her friends really enjoyed. She would not remain in Russia because she would soon move to New York and embark on other talents that she had deep inside. When she moved to New York she decided that she would join a band for a short period of time. Her experience in a rock band helped her to appreciate the people that were attentive to her events and responsive to her itinerary. She discovered that people love a good cause.


She joined design school and began to experiment with her unconventional way of thinking. Deere began to create vibrant colors and decided that she would be one of the first cosmetic creators to utilize the velvetine matte and super-foil cosmetics. Shortly after, she graduated from design school and she began to create her Lime Crime cosmetics. Her bold makeup choices accent any mode or attire with easy to follow YouTube tutorials of actual users for creative ways to mix, match, apply, and blend her makeup.


Doe Deere says, it’s easy to follow your dreams when you discover your talent and work hard to perfect it. She says that there are a lot of women that share her entrepreneurial spirit, but fail to act on it. She admits that she was told that her unconventional way of thinking would hinder her, but she decided to use it to become the leader of cosmetics that she is today. You’re invited to learn more about Doe Deere and her superior Lime Crime products by visiting her website for more details.


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    There are many ways for me to get empowered and it involves great deal of personal skills development and improvement as well. It falls to the fact that assignment writing reviews focus less on this social issues and in most cases the conversation about upward mobility is taking over. Doe Deere shows class and quality and it secures the ideas in community development to offer opportunities to more women.

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